Tell the stories behind your favourite music

RunPip is a community for contributors to share personally curated playlists and the reasons behind their choices. Discover music or find new love for an old favourite thanks to a personal commentary by the author, or upload your own playlist and tell your stories.


  • Playlists must be short (5-20 songs)
  • Playlists must have accompanying notes on song choices

Playlist ideas:

  1. Monthly discoveries
  2. End of year top 10 discoveries
  3. Pride in Music – music that promotes inclusivity and gives those from the LGBTQ+ community a platform to celebrate music that inspires them
  4. Environment – music that promotes action on climate change and what we should be doing to help
  5. Human Rights – music that highlights human rights issues, bringing the injustices to a wider audience
  6. Time Capsule – get your old iPod / MP3 player and find your favourite tracks from it and describe why they are/were your favourite
  7. Seasonal / News based
  8. Music for Dementia – more on this here:
  9. Favourite movie/TV soundtracks and why

We hope you enjoy the RunPip concept and get involved!

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