The Woodstock Harriers Running Playlist


12 songs, 53 min, 4 min reading time.

Woodstock Harriers are the first group playlist submission. It is a playlist that is great for running and capturing the spirit of running. Go put those trainers on!

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1) “Lose Yourself” – Eminem (Eileen)

No explanation needed.

Album: “Just Lose It” (2004)
Label: Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

2) “Derezzed” – Daft Punk (Sonnie)

A multi-layered electronic masterpiece from Daft Punk which absolutely fitted right in with Tron.

Album: “TRON: Legacy” (2010)
Label: Disney

3) “Finally Moving” – Pretty Lights (Sonnie)

Chilled and loungey with a nice beat and Etta James sample.

Album: “Taking up Your Precious Time” (2006)
Label: Pretty Lights Music

4) “Tomorrow Never Knows (Remastered 2009)” – The Beatles (Sonnie)

Ridiculously ahead of its time for 1966!

Album: “Revolver (Remastered)” (1966)
Label: Apple Corps

5) “Road Runner” – Imelda May (Paula)

Celebrate the joy of running. Chuck all the serious grown up stuff in the *@*#!!-it bucket and be what ever you want to be. Be fly and have a blast!

Album: “More Mayhem” (2011)
Label: Decca

6) “Bounce (feat. Kelis)” – Calvin Harris (Adrian)

First track I listened to as I ran at a Parkrun thinking I needed tunes to run faster…..didn’t work……Is this track really 8 years old now!

Album: “18 Months” (2012)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

7) “La Ritournelle” – S√©bastien Tellier (Adrian)

Just love this track, 7+min version is just great. When the vocals come in it puts the hairs on the back of my neck up. It has a tenuous link to another fave artist Fela Kuti.

Album: “Politics” (2004)
Label: Record Makers

8) “Away From Today” – Dan Croll (Adrian)

Reminds me of a throw back to the Stone Roses, will be interesting to see where this young man goes.

Album: “Emerging Adulthood” (2017)
Label: Communion Group

9) “Keep on Running” – Spencer Davis Group (Caeron)

It’s even older than I am, but singing it when I’m about to give up and walk, keeps me going!

Album: “The Second Album” (1966)
Label: Universal-Island Records

10) “Phantom of the Opera” – Iron Maiden (Cyrus)¬†

Sounds exactly like the count down to the start of a race and that adrenaline as the gun goes off!

Album: “Iron Maiden (2015 Remaster)” (1980)
Label: Iron Maiden

11) “The Burden of Being Wonderful” – Steel Panther (Cyrus)

Self care, self motivation and feeling good about myself are the main benefits of running. Oh, and having a laugh with my friends.

Album: “All You Can Eat” (2013)
Label: Steel Panther/Open E Music

12) “Magic Mushrooms” – 1200 Micrograms (Cyrus)

The mesmerising repetition of running and the physical exertion can lead to an altered state of consciousness.

Album: “1200 Micrograms” (2002)
Label: Tip Records

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