Simon’s 2nd Playlist


19 songs, 1 hr 15 min, 11 min reading time.

After his highly acclaimed 1st playlist, Simon is back with another eclectic mix of pure joy!

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1) “Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 3” – Ian Dury and the Blockheads

You have to be something of a blockhead to enjoy this song and until a week ago I believed my Dad to be the only blockhead around. Last week I found the second blockhead – the vice-chancellor of my University. He went on to base his entire speech at my graduation around the motif of the song whilst I sat there, head in my hands. There was something poetic about it, however, as coincidentally it was my Dad’s birthday that day. Three years at University culminating in a speech wholly designed around a dated 80s song… at least my Dad had a good birthday.

Album: “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” (1987)
Label: Templemill Music

2) “Heavy, California” – Jungle

Jungle recently released their new album, For Ever, and this has quickly become the first soundtrack to my summer. The soul collective that defines Jungle makes them a stand-out group – and this a stand-out song. Only thing left now is to see their prestigious live performances… hit me up if anyone has tickets.

Album: “For Ever” (2018)
Label: XL

3) “Dressed to Suppress” – Metric

Found on one of the flow mixes for new bands, this song stuck out amongst the rest. The hypnotic, haunting verses mesh well with the more forceful choruses and to me creates a song that is simply enjoyable.

Album: “Art of Doubt” (2018)
Label: MMI/Crystal Math Music

4) “Casio” – Jungle

With a retro vibe this song has such a relentless rhythm that you can’t help but move to it. Ignore the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever played a Casio and that, apparently, this song was not actually made on a Casio. I suppose ‘Yamaha’ just didn’t roll off the tongue the same way.

Album: “For Ever” (2018)
Label: XL

5) “The Girl From Ipanema” – Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto

Found when listening to a May episode of the American Diplomat this is one of the oldest songs I listen to regularly. Reminiscent (or perhaps it’s the other way around) of Brandy by Looking Glass.

Album: “The Girl from Ipanema” (2016)
Label: U-5

6) “Peaches” – In The Valley Below

Originally released in 2014 I only found it this past month. Another of the great tunes that found their way into my most listens in June.

Album: “The Belt” (2014)
Label: ITVB Productions

7) “Sometimes” – Gerry Cinnamon

Sort of an explicit Paulo Nutini, Gerry Cinnamon is only the second-best Glaswegian export at the moment (the other being Lewis Capaldi). With a great voice and entertaining lyrics Gerry and this song in particular was an easy choice for the playlist.

Album: “Erratic Cinematic” (2017)
Label: Little Runaway Records

8) “Distant Past” – Everything Everything

Everything Everything will always be a band that Jake introduced me to. When I try and put these playlists together, they are always the first band I think of. Appropriate at the moment as I step out of University it is also the song that Jake used to first introduce me to the band. A great tune – it’s my Everything Everything choice for this playlist.

Album: “Get To Heaven (Deluxe)” (2015)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

9) “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard

In an attempt to offset the first song on this playlist, here is one of my current favourite 80s classics. Pay attention to the lyrics as they are a goldmine – “You’ve got the peaches. I’ve got the cream…”

Album: “Hysteria (Super Deluxe)” (1987)
Label: Bludgeon Riffola

10) “Tadow” – Masego, FKJ

Found on one of the rare occasions Youtube “recommended” serves up an amazing tune, Tadow was a lucky find. It’s a low key melody with perfectly fitted lyrics – a great relaxing tune.

Album: “Lady Lady” (2018)
Label: EQT Recordings

11) “Come For Me” – Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean pairs husky vocals with quite an 80s vibe to great effect. Reminds me of Shania Twain but that might just be me.

Single: “Come For Me” (2018)
Label: Lucky Number Music

12) “Church” – Samm Henshaw

Church had to be added after seeing Samm Henshaw live in the middle of June. The finale to a great set, him and his band raised this already decent pop tune to a different level live.

Single: “Church (feat. EARTHGANG)” (2019)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

13) “Number 9” – Cathedral City

Slightly shameless plug (although I am nowhere near talented to play in Cathedral City). These guys were a University cheese band with the caveat they were just brass and drums. They recently released “The Mild Collection” and here it is below!

14) “She Said” – Sundara Karma

This is one of the tunes that I keep coming back to once or twice a year. A lot of energy means it always strikes me when it comes on. Recently found out that they’re pretty local as well so all the more reason to include them on this playlist.

Album: “Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect” (2017)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

15) “G.I.V.E” – Ten Tonnes

Another indie rock song… if you couldn’t sort of grasp what I’m into.

Album: “Ten Tonnes” (2019)
Label: Warner Music

16) “She’s A Lady” – Tom Jones

We’ve been to Scotland with Gerry Cinnamon and now we go to another part of the union for an absolutely timeless classic. Not much else needs to be said about this song.

Album: “Tom Jones Sings She’s A Lady” (1971)
Label: Chrysalis Copyrights

17) “All I Want To Hear You Say” – Sea Girls

A typical indie-rock vibe it is a great song to rock out to whilst trying to work or just for a good listen.

Single: “All I Want To Hear You Say” (2018)
Label: Sea Girls

18) “Intimate Friends” – Eddie Kendricks

A funky, retro song. The whole album is a great listen but this song in particular stands out.

Album: “Slick” (1977)
Label: UMG Recordings

19) “I Need a Woman” – Hockey Dad

“Hockey Dad is an Australian surf rock band” (Wikipedia). Pretty cool.

Album: “Boronia” (2016)
Label: Farmer & The Owl

20) “Grow Old With Me” – Tom Odell

Grow Old With Me is a beautiful song and a favourite of mine from Tom Odell. Slightly cheesy but I’ve certainly enjoyed listening to it as I look forward to what I will do next, remembering the good times of the past few years.

Album: “Long Way Down (Deluxe)” (2013)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment