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Contributor Simon has come up with this wonderful, witty and funny playlist – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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1) “Tropics” – Mantaraybryn

I first heard Mantarybryn earlier this year with Bullets in the Wind. Since then he’s been a staple of many of my playlists and this one is no excpetion. I’ve chosen Tropics in particular as the ‘hibernation’ and ‘gray concentration’ are slowly coming to an end, making it my feel good tune for this time of year.

Album: “Dark Shapes in the Water” (2016)
Label: Mantaraybryn

2) “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)” – Wham!

What is this song doing in 2019, are you an edgy 80s fanboy? Both are valid questions and I’m afraid the answer to the second may be yes. However, after watching a recent documentary I learned the social political message of the song is actually pretty severe and I’ve been ashamedly addicted ever since. The dole, what makes you a man all topics that you rarely seen engaged with in a song; espcially not engaged with in a song like this. Although I will be the first to say that maybe this is all an excuse for what is just an enjoyable song.

Single: “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)” (1982)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

3) “Dinner & Diatribes” – Hozier

Hozier is another of the artists that I’ve been lisitening to pretty religously for the past month. There were a few songs that could have made it on to this playlist but Dinner and Diatribes was the one. The stomping rythm through the song with the haunting chorus has made it the one I keep coming back to on his new playlist.

Album: “Wasteland, Baby!” (2019)
Label: Rubyworks Limited

4) “Rebel Yell” – Billy Idol

White wedding came on one day as I was driving back from work with my father and I was hooked. I went on to explore Billy Idol and it’s another of his classics that has made it on to the playlist. Great lyrics, good tune, it is a typical classic. I’ll be the first to admit that to truly enjoy this song you have to sing along.

Album: “Greatest Hits” (2001)
Label: Capitol Records

5) “Your Love Is My Favourite Band” – The Vaccines

A big fan of the Vaccines, I was lucky enough to see them live in January in Newcastle. A great venue, all their songs held up well and I was happy to see that the new album fit snugly into its discography. The 80s influence is undeniable in the rythm, and that coupled with the rocky vibe of the Vaccines is a great hybrid sound.

Album: “Combat Sports” (2018)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

6) “Fader” – The Temper Trap

A long-time tune that made its way back into my playlist this past month.

Album: “Conditions” (2009)
Label: Liberation Music

7) “Operator (DJ Koze‘s Disco Edit)” – Låpsley, DJ Koze

A great tune with simple lyrics that seem to change every time I focus on them. I’ve chosen the edit as I think it is a great addition to the otherwise decent original.

Single: “Operator (DJ Koze’s 12 inch Extended Disco Versions)” (2016)
Label: XL Recordings

8) “Best Friend” – Rex Orange County

A chilled out tune it sets the perfect vibe for a long train journey or just relaxing with some mates.

Single: “Best Friend” (2017)
Label: Rex Orange County

9) “King and Cross” – Ásgeir

I stumbled across Ásgeir a long while ago and was lucky to have spotted this when scanning through my favourited tracks over Easter. Unfortunately not on this list he has some other great songs in his original Icelandic vocals which seems to lend an ethereal quality to them.

Single: “King And Cross” (2013)
Label: One Little Independent

10) “Genghis Khan” – Miike Snow

Conquerer of people and founder of the largest empire ever known, Genghis Khan has finally reached true success and has had a pop song named after him. I can only think he’d be pleased by this.

Album: “iii” (2016)
Label: Jackalope Recordings

11) “No Reptiles” – Everything Everything

First introduced to the band by my cousin, ‘Get to Heaven’ was the first album to be released after my becoming a fan. Full of some great tracks No Reptiles is a personal favourite of mine with its unsetlling tune and lyrics that are still able to be great to listen to. Also, ‘fat child in a push chair’ sung repeatedly is a great verse regardless of what you think of the band and their style.

Album: “Get To Heaven (Deluxe)” (2015)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK

12) “Since I Left You” – The Avalanches

A more upbeat tune I often can’t help but get swept along with the melody.

Album: “Since I Left You” (2001)
Label: XL Recordings

13) “The Yabba” – Battles

A far cry from ‘Rebel Yell’ and ‘Wham! Rap’ The Yabba is a somewhat twisted tune. The combination of guitar melodies and drums with the unrelenting rythm set throughout the song is what I find fascinating about it.

Album: “La Di Da Di” (2015)
Label: Warp Records

14) “LoveBlood” – King Charles

…and now back to my shameless pop vibe. King Charles has an eccentric vibe and LoveBlood is typical of this. The upbeat lyrics match this and is part of what makes it a great track for relaxing, sunny weekends.

Album: “LoveBlood” (2012)
Label: Universal Republic Records

15) “On the Luna” – Foals

I’ve found ‘Part 1: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ to be full of great tracks but On The Luna stole the show for me.

Album: “Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost” (2019)
Label: Foals

16) “Tieduprightnow” – Parcels

For the life of me cannot remember how this track made its way into my current music playlist but I am glad it did. I am a sucker for the bass and rythm of the song and the blend of music they produce makes me hopeful for more tracks like this one.

Album: “Parcels” (2018)
Label: Kitsuné Musique

17) “Runaway Goliath” – Mantaraybryn

I couldn’t resist a second track from Mantaraybryn.

Single: “Runaway Goliath” (2018)
Label: Mantaraybryn

18) “Gloria” – Laura Branigan

Heard this whilst watching the ‘I, Tonya’ movie on Prime a short while ago. A tune full of energy you can’t help but feel motivated and awake after listening to. For me an absolutely great song.

Album: “The Best Of Branigan” (1995)
Label: Atlantic Record Corporation

19) “We like to Party! (The Vengabus)” – The Vengaboys

If you needed final proof that I enjoy cheesey, bubblegum pop then here it is. Surprisingly the other contenders for this spot was Ludovico Einaudi or Gustav Holst but the dutch pop foursome was too much to resist. Being in my final year at uni I have recently handed in my dissertation and in a late night delirium began sountracking my dissertation’s creation to the 2000s club classics of the Vengaboys. Some say madness, some say genius – all I know is that my friend and I were irrevocably changed by that evening.

Album: “We like to Party! (The Vengabus)” (1998)
Label: Breakin’ Records/Violent Music

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