Sam’s Meditative Electronic Playlist


10 songs, 58 min, 3 min reading time.

These tracks have been on my heavy rotation in the last few months whilst cooking, working and running to help get into a meditative frame of mind.

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1) “Eyesdown” – Bonobo, Andreya Triana

Never get bored of this.

Album: “Black Sands” (2010)
Label: Ninja Tune

2) “Illumination” – DJ Koze, Róisín Murphy

+10 points for the lyric “I need a bit of light here” making you think for a moment you are in a club and someone has dropped their wallet.

Album: “Knock Knock” (2018)

3) “Two O One” – John Tejada

Maybe one of my favourite artists that I’ve stumbled on this year. The whole album feels very emotionally charged. Headphones are a must.

Album: “Signs Under Test” (2015)
Label: Kompakt

4) “Gone” – Romare

Great new track from a varied artist. Things really gets going at 2:29, you won’t regret hanging about for that long.

Single: “Gone” (2019)
Label: Ninja Tune

5) “Kindlinn” – Dauwd

Love the mix of dreamy and retro synth.

Album: “Kindlinn” (2014)
Label: Kompakt

6) “Badd” – Dark Sky

A bit of a slow burner, the 3 note baseline keeps it all together as it gets a bit spacey.

Album: “Othona” (2017)
Label: Monkeytown Records

7) “When Prophecy Fails” – Barker

More spacey synth goodness.

EP: “Debiasing EP” (2018)
Label: Ostgut Ton

8) “Butterflies” – Leon Vynehall

Keeps on rolling and building for a mighty 7 minutes.

Album: “Butterflies / This is the Place” (2014)
Label: Clone Records

9) “Hydrate” – Chaos In The CBD

If I ever go into professional wrestling, I’d probably walk out to this from 3:40.

EP: “Hydrate EP” (2019)
Label: Mule Musiq

10) “Flashlight” – Bonobo

Funny how you can hear a song live that you weren’t that into beforehand –   and it can totally floor you.

EP: “Flashlight EP” (2014)
Label: Ninja Tune

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