Sam Mix #5

1 hr 4 min listening time.

Author: Sam

In what feels like some sort of mixing rite of passage, I’ve included my first track this month that I wasn’t able to find on Spotify, Ruff & Stax by Brando (Axe on Wax, 2016):

The punchy vocal sample comes from Loleatta Holloway speaking at a live performance, which got sampled (controversially) by Ellis D (Minimal Records, 1987) in the late 80s from a tape he poached from another DJ – against their wishes. You can find that here, which most subsequent tracks have sampled directly rather than the original recording:

I found the track itself lurking at the end of O’Flynn’s mix for the Feel my Bicep blog a few years back – well worth a listen to considering his rising profile in the house scene after being picked by the likes of Bonobo.