Sam Mix #3

1hr listening time.

Sam is back with another delightful minimix! Find the words behind his mix below the embed player.

So in retrospect it seems like mixing was a decent hobby to be cultivating in the last few months. It’s definitely been making my time at home more fun with everything as it is.

Looking back at my first two mixes I’d noticed they exclusively featured tracks in the minor key. This bothered me a tiny bit as I was concerned it might say something about me as person. This time I’ve tried to balance things a bit more, and I think it sounds a bit more hopeful (?)

Starting out I was very much staying within the confines of “Harmonic Mixing”, which essentially means mixing between tracks that will always sound complementary to each other. I’ve realised you can have a lot more fun outside of those strict rules. Sometimes slight discordance can sound interesting, or tracks fade out to a drumline or simple synth that makes it easy to blend in your next song.

Hope you enjoy,