Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 1


15 songs, 1 hr 3 min, 6 min reading time.

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1) “Summertime Magic” – Childish Gambino

Brilliant tune as part of Childish Gambino’s Summer Pack EP and the best song I have listened to this month and therefore topping the July list.

EP: “Summer Pack” (2018)
Label: mcDJ Recording

2) “If I was a Folkstar” – The Avalanches

Now my Discover Weekly produced the goods when it gave me this; it starts like a muffled cassette track and has a repetive use of sounds throughout that meld together in a pleasing way, it is addictive and engrossing, I believe the second best song I discovered this month.

Album: “Wildflower” (2016)
Label: Modular Recordings

3) “Miss You” – Arthur Wimble

I found this at the start of July and love the way it resembles melancholy in its sound and personally I think it captures missing someone who no longer loves you. Really interested to see what Arthur Wimble can produce following this triumph.

Single: “Miss You” (2018)
Label: Arthur Wimble

4) “Stumble (feat Parcels)” – Kraak & Smaak

I originally heard the version by Fhin Flip in early 2017 and enjoyed it but only recently heard this original one and the way it is slowed down and then built up is exquisite, but check the Fhin Flip version if you get a chance as that is a good mix.

Album: “Juicy Fruit” (2016)
Label: Jalapeño

5) “My Old Man” – Mac Demarco

I’d listened to Mac Demarco before but failed to understand the brilliance of this track about his Old Man and how it is really good at capturing that you turn into your old man at some point.

Album: “This Old Dog” (2017)
Label: Royal Mountain Records

6) “Flash” – Lewis OfMan

Starts off funky with an interesting style and keeps this going right until the end.

Single: “Flash” (2018)
Label: Lewis OfMan

7) “La Ritournelle (Gilligan Moss Mix)” – Sebastien Tellier

It begins as quite a mellow track with a nice piano piece and acoustic drum beat; this continues in a determined way for a few minutes when a synth and drum machine are also laid over the top, then about 2:30 in it quietens down to an unexpected and worthwhile verse.

Album: “La ritournelle” (2016)
Label: Record Makers

8) “Confirmation” – Westerman

Westerman warbles over the top of mellow synth to good effect and catchy lyrics.

Single: “Confirmation” (2018)
Label: Blue Flowers Music

9) “Millennium Queen” – Approachable Members of Your Local Community

Mellow indie rock with that drooling singing that is quite popular at the minute and it is done to good effect in this song.

Single: “Millennium Queen” (2017)
Label: Approachable Members of Your Local Community

10) “Neon Experience” – Junius Meyvant

Similar sound to the Future Islands frontman, this guy produces a tune which packs a punch in the lyrics and the way he expresses them.

Album: “Floating Harmonies” (2016)
Label: Record Records

11) “Tears in the Rain” – Tertia May

This reminds me of Jorja Smith who has been doing excellently recently and this is produced in a way that makes the song have a great feel while the singer shines with sass.

EP: “Kind of Purple” (2018)
Label: Twisted Hearts Records

12) “Sandra’s Rose” – Drake

One of the lesser known on the mammoth Scorpion album, starts off mellow, then the beat and rap comes in and Drake nails it – the come around of worms, opened like a can… is to die for.

Album: “Scorpion” (2018)
Label: Young Money/Cash Money Records

13) “Devotion (feat. Coby Sey)” – Tirzah

Starts off mumbling, piano jumps in, then singing starts in a beautiful monotone way, sounds like she wants to explain to the listener and it works.

Single: “Devotion (feat. Coby Sey)” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

14) “Freeee” – Kids See Ghosts, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign

Well punctuated lyrics delivered with passion and intensity; hear it to understand.

Album: “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” (2018)
Label: Def Jam Recordings

15) “Tangerine” – Channel Tres remix – Aaron Childs

The word “tangerine” kicks off the song and echos throughout with a solid beat and the potential to be a good dance track.

Single: “Tangerine (Channel Tres Remix)” (2018)