No. 4 – August Adventures


14 songs, 57 min, 13 min read time.

The soundtrack to drives from Dorset, Durham and back again.

The order on my playlists tends to be irrelevant as it is in a permanent state of shuffle. But for ease of switching songs on the drive the first song does get played first.

Author: Simon

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1) “Edge of Seventeen (2016 Remaster) – Stevie Nicks

Edge of seventeen is that first song this time round and is one of two classic rock songs on the playlist. Covered countless times by various artists, it is a song that I am sure most people are familiar with but it wasn’t until recently that it made its way on to my radar. As an anthem it works so well with a rhythm and tune quite unique and with soaring lyrics that you can’t help but lift you up and (try to) sing to.

Album: “Bella Donna (Deluxe Edition)” (2016)
Label: Rhino Atlantic

2) “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (2005 Remaster)” – Talking Heads

The second of the classic rock songs that I listened to on my drives. I was most familiar with a cover of the song by Walk the Moon and I loved the style they brought to the song. Listening to yet another cover of it (by The Lumineers), I decided to check out the original again. All three versions I have now heard bring something completely different but just goes to show what a well-crafted work of art the original song was by David Byrne.

Album: “Speaking in Tongues (Deluxe Edition)” (1983)
Label: Rhino / Warner Records

3) “Sunbleached girl” – Shag Rock

My favourite song on the playlist. A tough decision to make with lots of contenders but Shag Rock’s “Sunbleached Girl” is the perfect vibe to just cruise down the arteries of our country from the forested and hilly A303 to the expansive M6.

Album: “Barefoot” (2017)
Label: Airlock Records

4) “She” – Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou has a haunting voice and she uses it to good effect in “She”. Her lyrics are given weight by the voice and it stays with you as her emotive words serve to while away the long slog of driving.

Single: “She” (2018)
Label: Alice Phoebe Lou

5) “Man On The Moon (Miguel Campbell Remix) – Klangkuenstler, Alice Phoebe Lou

Klangkuenstler is a DJ and producer based in Berlin. He has some greats sets on Youtube which I would highly recommend. This tune incorporates that hypnotic rhythm with Alice Phoebe Lou’s great voice. It was confirmed to be an outstanding song when my mate who usually has little time for my music liked it.

Album: “Beach Rouge – Beach House & Deep Disco” (2015)
Label: Playlister Records

6) “Rio” – Orangutang

A close runner-up for best tune on the playlist. “Rio” by Orangutang was shared with me by a friend with impeccable music taste and this did not disappoint. Part of their debut “EP” back in 2010, other stand out songs are “Bella” and “Bullfrog”. With 903 likes on Facebook and a website that redirects back to the Band’s Facebook page I fear there may not be any more music forthcoming. I live in hope there is. For now though, do listen to their eponymous “EP”.

EP: “EP” (2010)
Label: Orangutang

7) “Are You Bored Yet?” (feat. Clairo) – Wallows

So apparently the lead singer of Wallows is a fairly famous actor in “13 Reasons Why”. Despite (or because of?) that, this three piece band has a calming, laidback sound.

Album: “Nothing Happens” (2019)
Label: Atlantic Records

8) “Bide Your Time” – The Courteeners

On my actual drive playlists there was a lot more of The Courteeners but I thought one would do here. I love Liam’s lyrics and the tune, like most others on the playlist, is just what you need to either sing along or just focus in on during a drive.

Album: “St. Jude” (2008)
Label: Polydor

9) “Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)” – Maribou State

Maribou State is a band I first came across through the first RunPip podcast. Jake’s reasons to run to them are also very good reasons to drive to them.

Album: “Kingdoms In Colour” (2018)
Label: Counter Records

10) “Danny Nedelko” – IDLES

With a band as loud as this it is no surprise that their name is in all caps. One of my favourite discoveries during lockdown, their tone and style meshed with a nuanced, conciliatory approach to emotional turmoil is wacky but something I absolutely love. Sometimes you do just need a cacophony of noise with a screaming Bristolian at its helm, but to have that anger directed not at an immigrant, but in defence of one is something I can get behind.

Album: “Joy as an Act of Resistance” (2018)
Label: Partisan Records

11) “strongboi” – strongboi

A lowkey, toned back tune. The sound of this double act is unique and something I hadn’t really heard before. Would not recommend listening to this with your parents or your boss though…

Single: “strongboi” (2020)
Label: strongboi

12) “La Magia” – Little Jesus

Little Jesus is a Mexican band that is one of the rewards of listening to Deezer’s ‘flow’ feature. It’s a struggle to find much more online but the song is a personal favourite. I couldn’t tell you what the lyrics mean but it is just one of those things where the poetry in the lyrics is the same regardless of any language barrier.

Album: “Rio Salvaje” (2016)
Label: Casete/Fuerzas Básicas/Discos Juan

13) “Strangers” – Mt. Joy

The methodical, repetitive mantra that forms the base of the song seems like something akin to hypnotherapy. Like I mentioned in the last playlist, Mt. Joy’s distinctive vocals make them so enjoyable to listen to.

Album: “Rearrange Us” (2020)
Label: Dualtone Music Group, Inc.

14) “Signs of Life” – Arcade Fire

I have finally listened to Arcade Fire. I am not sure why it has taken me so long. It it is great to finally come round to a band like this with such a rich discography to go through and find something new every week.

Album: “Everything Now” (2017)
Label: Columbia