My Easter Playlist by Samira


10 songs, 39 min, 7 min reading time.

Samira submits a cracking first playlist that she developed during her holidays over the Easter period!

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1) “Seul” – Garou

I recently discovered a Spotify playlist called “Génération 2000” on a road trip and I have been living in a time machine since. A couple weeks later I was back home baking (standard), and it was playing in the background. I noticed my pensive mother listening attentively. She made an interesting reflection on how meaningful the words were. I realise I’ve known this song and have sung along for years without actually thinking of what I was singing. Deep!

Album: “Seul” (2000)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

2) “Double je – Remix” – Christophe Willem

I sent the Génération 2000 playlist to my boyfriend (found below) and jokingly told him he had to listen to it all. To my surprise (and delight) he actually did. He sent me this song, saying “this one is good” (he’s a man of many words). I had totally forgotten about this song and how great it was. Funny how you can know a song for years but listening to it through a different person’s perspective can make you rediscover it. Well done, Jake.

Album: “Inventaire” (2007)
Label: SBME France

3) “Migliore” – Francesco Renga

>My brother and I were sharing our latest finds on the plane recently and this gem came on his playlist. It made me realise I don’t listen to enough Italian music. This takes me back to my holidays in Italy as a kid and made me realise I should listen to more Italian artists. I’ve been neglecting a whole repertoire of beautiful music.

Album: “Scriverò il tuo nome (Deluxe Edition)” (2016)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

4) “Février 91” – Laurie Darmon

This song hits home. It’s like I am listening to someone sing about my life. I shared it with my close childhood friends and every one of us could relate to a certain part of the song. It’s a heartwarming ballad that puts me at peace. I feel like I am floating through my biggest milestones growing up. Little things seemed so important at the time…

Album: “Février 91” (2017)
Label: Mercury Music Group

5) “Tired of Being Alone” – Al Green

Discovered this one watching the Netflix show Sex Education (they had some great tunes) and really enjoyed it. So much so that I also saved its radio and played it around the house all of Easter. It was well received. And Al Green is a chap.

Album: “Tired of Being Alone” (2014)
Label: Hi Records

6) “Love Really Hurts When I’m With You” – Billy Ocean

Also discovered this song on Sex Education and what a great pick me up song this is! Listening to it on a Monday morning shoving your way through the piccadilly line can really lift one’s spirits.

Album: “Here You Are: The Best of Billy Ocean” (2016)
Label: Leslie Charles

7) “Deep End” – hapi, Cellar Doors, jules

This song was playing in a random YouTube video I stumbled upon. I love how chilled the melody is without being too melancholic. An easy listen.

Album: “Luv Trip” (2019)
Label: hapi & Cellar Doors

8) “Tous les deux” – Seemone

This lovely ballad came from my Discover Weekly playlist. I don’t know this artist but I love how softly she sings, and how it picks up a little at the end. A touching song written for her father.

Single: “Tous les deux” (2019)
Label: Reborn Music

9) “Trop beau” – Lomepal

This song had to grow on me. I like several of Lomepal’s songs so I felt I had to power through this one to properly appreciate it. And it worked. My favourite part is from 1:47 onwards, and specifically the build up between 2:02 to 2:20.

Album: “Jeannine” (2018)
Label: Grand Musique Management

10) “Fire” – Barns Courtney

Discovered this in the credits of a film called Burnt I watched with my friend Tom. We loved the song immediately (only good part of the film). I had a feeling my brother would like it so sent it to him (he’s a busy man and doesn’t have much time for my music) and when he actually came back saying he already knew it and loved it, I considered it a little win.

EP: “The Dull Drums – EP” (2017)
Label: Virgin EMI Records

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