Music to Go


20 songs, 1 hr 15 min, 5 min reading time.

To capture that urban feeling: need of emotion in the urban rush.

Author: Ioana Vivisenco

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1) “Blood” – Ioana Vivisenco

“Blood” is my original song. I’ve included it in my playlist for an obvious reason – it’s mine. It’s a special song to me because it’s emotional, dark and it’s about the impossibility to communicate with the one you love.

Single: “Blood” (2019)
Label: 1605393 Records DK

2) “Rare” – Helen

“Rare”, it’s a moody song by a Romanian singer and songwriter I appreciate. I think the song has something unpredictable in it.

Single: “Rare” (2019)
Label: Helen

3) “Death” – The Speakers

I love the darkness in the voice of Vincentiu and I like the lyrics. They bear a powerful message.

Single: “Death” (2017)
Label: Boss Music Group

4) “Abel – Symphonic Version” – Golan

Golan is a project filled with courage. This song – “Abel” – is special because of it’s young energy, and non-standard structure. This song is about feeling – especially this symphonic version.

EP: “Lonely Nights Ep” (2016)
Label: Etage Noir Recordings

5) “tous les mêmes” – Stromae

I like the energy, the vibe of this song. Even if it seems to invite you to dance, it’s debating an interesting and painful theme: “all men are the same”. Isn’t this the sentence all women keep saying?

Album: “racine carrée” (2013)
Label: Mosaert

6) “Angel” – Massive Attack

“Angel” by Massive Attack seems to hold a mystery that we will never find out.

Album: “Mezzanine” (1998)
Label: Virgin Records

7) “Escape” – Alin Dimitriu

This song seems to me like a soft and smooth invitation to a mental trip. I like the obstinate beat that Mr. Dimitriu uses. It makes me feel comfortable with the mental trip he proposes.

Single: “Escape” (2019)
Label: Inameit

8) “Solo Sunrise” – Nick Murphy / Chet Faker

I think the title describes perfectly the entire song. When I listen to it, a painting shows up in my head. So… I think Chet Faker did a great job!

Album: “Thinking In Textures” (2012)
Label: Opulent

9) “Leftovers” – Dennis Lloyd

When I listen to “Leftovers” by Dennis Lloyd I think about the honesty he invested in this song. Also I like to listen to it because I associate it with some situations in my life.

Single: “Leftovers” (2017)
Label: Dennis Lloyd

10) “Better Than Love” – Hurts

“Better Than Love” has a sort of strength and I find the chorus unpredictable. I like that.

Album: “Happiness – Deluxe Edition” (2011)
Label: Major Label

11) “Non Believer” – London Grammar

I like “Non Believer” because of the message, the lyrics and the mood of the song. It’s chill and it gives me the feeling of an introspection. I like this ElectroPop style. It’s one of my favourites.

Album: “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing (Deluxe)” (2017)
Label: Ministry of Sound Recordings Limited / Metal & Dust

12) “Kind of Blue” – Halehan

It’s a sexy song (to me).

Single: “Kind of Blue” (2019)
Label: Ciji Wiji

13) “The Only Thing” – Zola Blood

This song makes me feel the rush of the city.

Album: “Infinite Games” (2017)
Label: Zola Blood

14) “Tongue” – Maribou State

I appreciate this song because I think it is a reflection of the modern urban woman. The chorus makes me think about night life. It is evocative.

EP: “Tongue EP (feat. Holly Walker)” (2013)
Label: Southern Fried Records

15) “Let’s Take a Walk” – Raphael Saadiq

It’s a funny, honest, sexy, retro song. It makes me smile each time I listen to it.

Album: “The Way I See It” (2008)
Label: SONY BMG Music Entertainment

16) “Szukam Arek” – Kłusowski

I have no clue what this song is about. I think it’s Polish… I discovered it on Spotify… I love his voice… it’s expressive… and the song seems to be sad… but optimistic.

Album: “Po tamtej stronie” (2019)

17) “Steal” – Maribou State

A moody and peaceful song. It gives me a good feeling.

Album: “Portraits” (2015)
Label: Counter Records

18) “Tu me regardes” – Angèle

I love the silky voice of Angèle. The song gives me the feeling of power and sensitivity at the same time.

Album: “Brol La Suite” (2019)
Label: Angèle VL Records

19) “Zero” – El Dia Electrico

I like the soft and slow beginning that slowly awakens the listener and brings him/her into a colourful story.

EP: “El Dia Electrico” (2017)
Label: El Dia Electrico

20) “Ce Simti Cand Esti Indragostit” – Platonic Scale

It is a wonderful remix of an old Romanian song. It makes me feel nostalgic and peaceful✌🏻.

Compilation: “Underdog Day & Night” (2017)
Label: Various Artists