10 songs, 35 min, 6 min reading time.

Mood songs for when you’re in a mood.

Author: Samira

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1) “Bad Decisions” – Girlhood

Shared this gem with my best friend Clara in October 2018 and it quickly became a popular favourite. 12 months later, she surprised me for my birthday with tickets to their gig in London. And get this, by total coincidence we ran into our friend Flora who was also there to see Girlhood! A beautiful night spent with beautiful people.

Single: “Bad Decisions” (2017)

Label: Team Talk Records

2) “Tried Up” – Ama Lou

Discovered this last summer, brilliant mellow song with a lot going on but so well assembled. My favourite bit is the piano from 2:10 to 2:30, with a great little beat drop to follow around the 2:39 mark.

Single: “DDD” (2018)

Label: AMA LOU

3) “Guilty” – Lady Wray

One of my all time favourites. Discovered it thanks to RunPip’s first podcast, where Jake mentions he shares fond memories of listening to this song with his mom. I found it very endearing, and lucky for me also thoroughly enjoyed the song.

Album: “Queen Alone” (2016)

Label: Big Crown Records

4) “Break My Heart Again” – FINNEAS

Found Finneas through his girlfriend, an Instagrammer I’ve been following for several years. It also turns out Finneas is Billie Eilish’s big brother. This is a feel-your-feels song with a lovely piano ballad that I love to listen to when I’m in a mood. I have followed him for a little while since discovering him, and learned he produces all of Billie’s music. He and his sister are also very close, which I find lovely – possibly because I also have a pretty cool older brother.

Single: “Break My Heart Again” (2018)

Label: OYOY

5) “Love Me Right” – Amber Mark

This was the first song I heard by Amber Mark. The beginning of the end, really. I adore all of her music and so pleased to witness her soaring success.

EP: “Conexão – EP” (2018)

Label: Jasmine Music

6) “Billy” – DRAMA

I discovered this wonderful melody through Jake’s lovely mother and loved it straight away. I initially thought it was by Amber Mark, which may have accounted for my sudden love for the song. Turns out it’s not Amber Mark, but an equally brilliant artist.

Album: “Gallows” (2016)

Label: Drama Music

7) “orange” – CLAY

The only new discovery from this playlist. I heard it after having compiled this list of Mood songs and I thought it went along perfectly. Jake says it’s alright. But I like it so it doesn’t matter, it’s my playlist.

Single: “orange” (2018)

Label: CLAY

8) “Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux” – Poom

Here come the frenchies. I don’t remember how I know this song, and I don’t have that much to say about it besides that it can really hit the spot.

Album: “2016” (2016)

Label: Poom – Grand Musique Management

9) “A la Folie” – Juliette Armanet

I shared this song with my mom when I found it a couple months ago and she loved it. Fast forward to 2 days ago, she sent it to me forgetting I had shown it to her all those months ago. We clearly have the same taste, and a great one too.

Album: “Petite Amie (Edition Délice)” (2018)

Label: Barclay

10) “3WW (feat. Lomepal)” – alt-J, Lomepal

Jake is taking credit for this song and apparently says he shared it with me in January (I had to check when it was added to my liked songs and ugh he’s right). It’s a smooth tune and with the almighty Lomepal, what more could you ask for?

Album: “REDUXER” (2018)

Label: alt-J