Monday Music Discovery 3


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Introducing an artist profile, found at the bottom of the email, giving you a snapshot of VRWRK and their music to date.

1) “Rhythm Is Changing” – High Contrast, LOWES

Now this will kickstart your week. That repetitive piano riff accompanied by the lyrics and beat does get you pumped. LOWES are a band from Lancaster and seem to be on the up as they are also rumoured to be on Camelphat’s new album later this year. High Contrast, from Wales, also has a new album out later this year. The artwork has already been shared, inspired by Windows ’95 with the music also having “’95 era jungle running through it”, as you can tell from this track.  

Single: “Rhythm Is Changing” (2020)
Label: 3 Beat Productions

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2) “Turn – Mythologen Remix” – I Break Horses

Using the original brilliant lyrics and keeping similar vibes but changing the sounds this remix is great. I Break Horses are a Swedish band made up of Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck, named after a Bill Callahan song. There seems to be not too much online about Mythologen except that they have an interesting looking 2019 album titled “Antisocial Background Music 2017-2019” and appears to know Maria from I Break Horses.

Single: “Turn (Mythologen Remix)” (2020)
Label: Bella Union

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3) “No Tomorrow” – Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Sophie Lindinger

This does have James Bond vibes, for a particularly intense scene or when the day comes that the franchise enters space. The James Bond reference has been confirmed by Camo & Krooked’s comment on the music video on YouTube. The orchestral music influence is great as well, off the back of their Red Bull Symphonic Orchestra album released earlier in the year; basically all of their standout tracks were performed by an orchestra in Vienna and it was a great concept. All artists from this track are from Austria and they all teamed up on the big track “Kallisto” previously.

Single: “No Tomorrow” (2020)
Label: Hospital Records

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Artist profile – VRWRK

This new section will champion underrated artists. This time up is the three piece VRWRK.

I discovered VRWRK following the exceptional track “Fools”, in October 2018, when they were just doing the odd club nights around East London, where they’re based, and had one album and a few singles to their name. Then along came the Madou remix of their track “You Feel Me (Utterly Amazing)” and that was that. Brilliant music that should be heard in clubs. Six singles were released in 2019, following 2018s standout year with nine singles/EPs and one album “On the Outside”. Hopefully there is a lot more to come from them. 

Consisting of: Matt Say, Jergen Callebaut, Salem Khazali

Stand out tracks: “Fools”, “You Feel Me (Utterly Amazing) – Madou Remix”

Albums: “On the Outside” (2018, Run Tell Secrecy)

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