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Milly has submitted this fantastic playlist to put on in the background to get those chilled vibes!

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1) “Daydreamer” – AURORA

I found AURORA years ago, but I find myself occasionally checking back to see what new music she has brought out and I am always enticed by it. This song I found recently and was one of the big songs that got me through my exams.

Album: “A Different Kind Of Human – Step 2” (2019)
Label: Universal Music Operations

2) “Burns (Edit)” – George FitzGerald

I recently discovered this from a movie I watched and have been obsessed with it ever since. Another critical song that got me through the exam period but if anyone can confirm what the 3(?) lyrics in it are I would be incredibly grateful.

Single: “Burns (Edit)” (2017)
Label: Domino Recording

3) “Fireworks” – First Aid Kit

This is a band my Dad introduced me to when I was younger. Although not a regular in my everyday listening I always find myself enjoying their music no matter how much time has passed.

Single: “Spotify Singles” (2018)
Label: Columbia Records

4) “Roll Back” – George FitzGerald, Lil Silva

I found this searching for more George Fitzgerald songs after really enjoying the “Burns Edit” (above), and I am very glad that I did.

Album: “Roll Back” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

5) “Creation” – The Pierces

Similar to the First Aid Kit track above, I was introduced to them at a similar time by my Dad and they featured heavily in my youth.

Album: “Creation” (2014)
Label: Polydor

6) “Passing Trains” – George Fitzgerald

More George Fitzgerald – looks like I might have found my current favourite artist.

Album: “All That Must Be” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

7) “Indian Summer (Kasbo Remix)” – Jai Wolf

I also think I’ve had a sudden appreciation for songs with little to no lyrics.

Album: “Kindred Spirits Remixes” (2017)
Label: Mom+Pop

8) “Pink Medicine” – Bearson

With the sun occasionally making an appearance, I thought I’d add a song that’s helping me get in that summer spirit.

Album: “Pink Medicine” (2016)
Label: Next Wave Records / Ultra Records

9) “Full Circle” – George Fitzgerald, Boxed In

This is the last George Fitzgerald song on this playlist, I promise.

Album: “Fading Love” (2015)
Label: Domino Recording

10) “Jonnhae Pt.2” – Fakear

I hate dancing but this song manages to get my feet and hands tapping along. Wait until 1 minute 25 seconds and it gets even better, trust me.

Album: “Vegetal” (2016)
Label: Théo Le Vigoureux

11) “Kingdom” – Maribou State, North Downs

I think I found this on my Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist recently and it gives me faith that Spotify will throw me some good songs every now and then.

Album: “Kingdoms In Colour” (2018)
Label: Counter Records

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