Millennium | An Epic Space Mix

12 songs, 55 min, 3 min reading time.

Egg Pudding gives us an insight into their latest mix:

I wanted to create a playlist that blew you into space every time you needed a pickup.

1) “Dying w/ Thousands of Youth” – iwilldiehere – 00:00

I wanted to open up with something slow, but just interesting enough to catch your attention.

2) “Melting Ice” – Elekid – 04:01

“Melting Ice” was a song that slapped me in the face. I was relaxed and then hit with a full wave of beautiful sound. I put it in this playlist because I wanted to smack anyone that listened to it as well.

3) “Pay Phone” – Fantom ’87 – 08:16

Tracking a little more into synthwave, “Pay Phone” reminded me back of old 80’s Sci-Fi movies.

4) “Fire Inside (Mr. FijiWiji Remix)” – Gemini – 14:09

Sung by a beautiful voice, Fire Inside caught my attention quickly. Then the song opened up even more.

5) “These Years” – Two Ways – 19:15

This song was relaxing. The heavy bass in the background kept you ground in, but guitar in the back flowed the song so nicely back out. A perfect duo.

6) “Envoy” – Faux Tales – 23:13

This was a song that I couldn’t just get over. It hit me in the face just like “Melting Ice”, but faster.

7) “Avalanches (feat. Sound Remedy and Kill Paris)” – Alma – 27:40

Avalanches speeds things up a bit, bringing dubstep into the mix. Something to keep your head up and pumping.

8) “Foundations Feat. Adara” – Mitis – 32:12

Time to get louder, the order of the music is important to me as well. Foundations just HAD to come right after Avalanches. A good reminder this is about space, and the kind of sound that needs to fill that void.

9) “Start Again ft. Fiora” – Seven Lions – 37:06

I’ve been a fan of Seven Lions for about a year now, I imagine the voice is as if there are 7 people singing, and those represent the lions. Regardless, these lions know how to roar out some good music.

10) “Miracle” – Andreas B. – 42:40

A graceful song with drums and the beat to keep it rolling.

11) “Before I Fall” – Killigrew – 46:20

Beautiful flow between bass and the chorus.

12) “Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)” – Daughter – 51:05

By far my favorite song of the mix. The original song only includes voice and piano; so is beautiful on it’s own. However, Sound Remedy’s remix was a thrill to listen to. I didn’t think you could turn such a song into a headbanger, but here it is.