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Another moody playlist for a long January.

Author: Samira

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1) “Blind Love” – Lola Young

I found this on a stressful Monday at work and, though I usually don’t like moody songs at work, I really enjoyed this one. It quickly made me feel relaxed and concentrated.

Album: “Intro” (2019)
Label: Day One Music

2) “Corps” – Yseult

Beautiful raspy voice accompanied by a piano ballad. I love the highs and lows her voice reaches. A very raw, emotional song. Whether or not you can understand what she is saying, I think she expresses herself perfectly.

EP: “Noir” (2019)
Label: Naïve/Y.Y.Y

3) “New Light” – Justice Der

With some time to spare once I got through airport security last Friday, I thought I would do something totally out of the ordinary for me (but what my brother does every single time he gets to airport security): Go into Dixon’s and try out all the electronics. I tried on two pairs of noise cancelling headphones and I was totally mesmerised. The serenity they created was unbelievable. I couldn’t take them off. As I sit on the Victoria line listening to this song on my flimsy AirPods, with the sound of the screeching tube surrounding me, I really wish I was wearing those headphones. This songs deserves to be played in complete peace and quiet.

EP: “Favorites 3” (2019)

4) “Dance on the Moon” – Woody

I couldn’t find any information on Woody online. I was going to say she reminds me of a British Louane, but I think she might be French! Cute song, and mysterious artist. I hope to hear more from her.

Single: “Dance on the Moon” (2019)
Label: Woody

5) “Gallo Pinto” – Daniela Andrade

I discovered Daniela Andrade through her cover of “La Vie En Rose” which I loved. Gallo Pinto touches on her life growing up a child of immigrant parents. I am particularly fond of the intro/outro, though the whole song gives me badass hispanic girl vibes. She also wrote and produced the song herself which makes it even better.

Album: “Tamale” (2019)
Label: Crooked Lid Records

6) “Soon Enough” – Thea

Always find myself singing along to this song and getting the melody stuck in my head. I really love the chorus.

Single: “Soon Enough” (2019)
Label: Thea Morgan-Murrell

7) “Good News” – Mac Miller

I grew up listening to rap. He was one of the first rappers I discovered that had a different style to the main guys I listened to (Lil Wayne, Drake,…) and I was a big fan of his style. This felt really strange listening to his voice again in a tune I had never heard before.

Single: “Good News” (2020)
Label: Warner Records

8) “How Do You Sleep – Sleep Mix” – Sam Smith

Really great funky song, probably unlike what I usually listen to but sometimes one of these just hits the spot and I’ll listen to it on repeat. Can’t quite tell you what makes this one different, but I find it very relaxing. I don’t know the original song, that might help?

Single: “How Do You Sleep? (Sleep Mix)” (2019)
Label: Universal Music Operations

9) “Ain’t No Remedy” – Love Supreme

Ending this playlist with an absolute corker. I am obsessed with the juxtaposition of the slow and the exciting. My favourite song of the month. It encompasses, so elegantly, my favourite things in music: old romantic soul, good bass and a touch of adrenaline.

Album: “Love Supreme” (2019)
Label: Animal63