Meera’s PePpY!


15 songs, 58 min, 6 min reading time.

A playlist for when you want to have a boogie, but aren’t in quite the right mood for blown out worst top 40 anthems.

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1) “Nijaay” – Orchestra Baobab

A sweet Senegalese sensation! Orchestra Baobab have actually been around since the 70s – as I’ve only just found out from a speedy Google. Absolutely doused in some sick sways and slinky swings.

Album: “Made in Dakar” (2007)

Label: World Circuit Limited

2) “Awake” – Tkay Maidza

One for true pumping. If you have a chance would highly recommend checking out “Bom Bom” by her, an iconic bedroom dancing track. Tkay Maidza, a true queen. 

Single: “Awake” (2019)

Label: Tkay Maidza

3) “Braindrops” – Tropical Fuck Storm

Tropical Fuck Storm is a brilliant new(ish) band, formed of a merge of near enough all the funky, trippy and hypnotic parts that make up punk, psychedelic rock and probably a couple other fusion genres. Somewhat built on the foundations of The Drones, the “band-before-the-band”, they offer a slightly offbeat but not completely offbeat mixture of sounds. “Braindrops” is a funky funky track that neatly packages away some of the realities of life.

Album: “Braindrops” (2019)

Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

4) “Meet Me in the City” – The Babies

What it says on the tin – some straight up, genuine indie rock to get some feelings out. Really suits a power walk through tangled out crowds, jumping in and out of people.

Album: “The Babies” (2011)

Label: Shrimper

5) “Border Girl” – Young Fathers

Having just moved to Edinburgh, Young Fathers are my attempt to assimilate Edinburger (I’ve been told this is the correct word) culture, having formed right here in 2008. This has got some delicious layers and textures smothered on top of each other broken up with intermittent zaps of pizzazz and fight-power.

Album: “Cocoa Sugar” (2018)

Label: Ninja Tune

6) “Ring the Alarm” – 700 Bliss, Moor Mother

Discovered this lil number whilst scrolling through Pitchforks best tracks of 2018 (guilty!!). Electronic//Rap, with some peppy drum beats. Really good for popping shapes.

EP: “Spa 700” (2018)

Label: Don Giovanni Records

7) “Marble Soda” – Shawn Wasabi

Exactly how you’d expect Hello Kitty on the night of her life to sound.

Single: “Marble Soda” (2015)

Label: Shawn Wasabi

8) “Dsco” – Sweet Trip

Lo-fi, distorted guitars and some shoegaze-esque voices floating on top of the track. Dissolve into a marshmallow world.

Album: “Velocity: Design: Comfort.” (2003)

Label: Darla Records

9) “Mask Maker” – Liars

Liars is one of the most fantastic phenomena the 21st century has gifted us. A whirlwind of pure weird. Find the front man on stage drowning in white lace and ready for his wedding day and spend the rest of the gig confused. This track does what Liars does best – be uncomfortable in a totally content state.

Album: “Mess” (2014)

Label: Mute Artists

10) “Red Lights” – Holy Fuck

A couple more lofi, distorted, synth-y sounds. Turns a corner every 10 seconds of so. Be prepared to rotate.

Album: “Latin” (2010)

Label: XL Recordings Ltd./Young Turks

11) “UH” – Fujiya and Miyagi

For those of you fortunate enough to be having regular sex, reckon this would make some supa sensual background music. Got a lot of those shakey sorta sounds which give you goosebumps.

Album: “Lightbulbs” (2008)

Label: Fujiya & Miyagi

12) “Hurt NGHTMRE Remix” – Oliver Tree, NGHTMRE

A true work of art. Oliver Tree is a multitalented, multi-faceted superstar. An absolute enigma who pours his heart on a plate. This is an honest as hell break up song for your younger self. The remix pumps it up a bit and makes it perfect for cathartic runs.

Single: “Hurt (NGHTMRE Remix)” (2019)

Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

13) “Too Drunk to Fuck” – Nouvelle Vague

I’ll be honest, I just find this song entertaining.

Album: “Nouvelle Vague” (2004)

Label: Kwaidan Records

14) “We appreciate power” – Grimes, HANA

Motivation if you ever need it. Grimes has done it again and made some exquisite and exhilarating music.

Single: “We Appreciate Power” (2019)

Label: 4AD

15) “New in Town” – Little Boots

Everyone still needs a bit of the worst top 40. Get your nostalgia kicks here and have some fun.

Album: “Hands (Standard DMD)” (2008)

Label: 679 Recordings

16) “Streaky” – Death Grips

Finishing off with one of the most idolised hip hop bands of the decade. Experimental and enticing. All hail MC ride, may we, one day, be blessed with your energy.

Album: “Year Of The Snitch” (2018)

Label: Third Worlds