Jake’s Top 10 Discovered Tracks – 2018

10 songs, 48 min, 7 min reading time.

Jake has done a lot of listening back and spent a lot of time going over tracks to come up with the below list of the top 10 tracks he discovered in 2018.

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1) “Marilyn” – Mount Kimbie, Micachu

Mount Kimbie could have been in this list multiple times. The Love What Survives Album is gorgeous and this is a gorgeous track. Whenever I felt slightly down and needed something I could relate to this was it, never failing to help – an outstanding song with great lyrics from Micachu. The melancholic tinkly nature of the whole song is a delight.

Album: “Love What Survives” (2017)
Label: Warp Records

2) “Heaven Could Be Lately” – Jayda G

Really cool interesting song. The offbeat words and piano that come in and out of the song as the beat keeps it on track really keep you engaged. When the piano joins in and the multiple layers of sounds to the beat are added, it just keeps you hooked. A triumph of a song.

EP: “Sixth Spirit of the Bay” (2016)
Label: 1080p

3) “Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky)” – Mura Masa

Brilliant track. This holds a special place in my heart as my friends showed it to me during a fantastic holiday to Switzerland in September 2018. During a night drive back to where we were staying, I was first introduced to it and it fitted that scenario perfectly. I asked for it to be played many more times during that holiday and boy is it catchy.

Album: “Mura Masa” (2017)
Label: Anchor Point Records

4) “Djoukourou – Auntie Flo Remix” – Oumou SangarĂ©

This song got me through the dark winter in 2018 and The Beast From The East. As the snow and transport problems went on for weeks, I put my headphones on and had this on repeat. Although I can’t understand what is being said, I can feel the power and emotion of the words that just link beautifully with the varied sounds on offer.

Single: “Djoukourou (Auntie Flo Remix)” (2018)
Label: No Format

5) “Flowers” – Bastien Keb

An outstanding tune that deserved more attention when it was released and deserves more attention now. Bastien also submitted a delightful playlist in our guest contributor section that is well worth your time. This was discovered at the beginning of the glorious summer that 2018 had. It was a perfect tune to recognise the change from Spring to Summer, and the mumbling singing is sad yet relatable and perfect.

EP: “Midnight Nasties EP” (2018)
Label: + FOURS


Best dance track of 2018 that still isn’t being played enough in venues. Still only a few thousand listens on Spotify which hurts me. These guys are still all part-time while they hold jobs in London, if they can do this in their spare time I really want to see what they can achieve if they do it full-time. A force to be reckoned with in the future.

Single: “FOOLS” (2018)
Label: Run Tell Secrecy

7) “Yo Mae Leh” – Invisible Minds

Just beating off Trauma by Model 86 for interesting songs with weird sounds that really work. Invisible Minds album Make Up Your Own Stories released in November 2018 was a fine way to cap off 2018 and this is the highlight from that. Really cool description of how this song was thought up can be found on the Invisible Minds Facebook page.

Single: “Yo Mae Leh” (2017)
Label: Moshi Moshi Records

8) “Curse of the Contemporary” – LUMP

Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay did something really interesting with this alternative, poppy, indie rock song. Again, found at the beginning of the summer, this was constantly on repeat during the sweaty commutes, letting me rock out and zone out in my head, allowing a much needed respite.

Single: “Curse of the Contemporary” (2018)
Label: Dead Oceans

9) “Fork in the Path – David Marston and Dan Izco Remix” – Life on Planets

Found in mid-summer this one, this is a calming, beautiful mix that heightens the cool original into a breathtaking track. All the different beats and sounds are effortlessly combined and it is a masterpiece of a remix in my eyes.

Album: “A Public Affair (Remixes)” (2015)
Label: Double Standard Records

10) “Heaven Up There” – Palace

Found towards the end of 2018, I could rely on this whenever I felt down. The progression and lyrics are really emotional in a good way, and this has helped me to escape when I’ve not enjoyed my job or been tired of things and although it is a long song, it goes along quickly and I would not change it for anything.

Single: “Heaven Up There” (2018)
Label: Universal Music Operations