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Finally I’m fatigued by music discovery. I wasn’t expecting it, it just happened and now I feel naked and embarrassed. You can tell by the number of songs listed below. There was a stat flying round at the start of lockdown that people were primarily listening to older music as they found it more comforting. Eventually succumbing to this thinking, I revisited all the Arcade Fire albums and Bon Iver‘s “For Emma, Forever ago” and loved it despite the new music discovery fatigue.

Author: Jake

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1) “Surrender” – Will Butler

I call myself an Arcade Fire fan and only find out this month, August 2020, that key member and brother of lead singer, Will Butler, has a solo career. This is a great new track from his forthcoming album “Generations” (out September 25). I struggled with his first two releases after finding out about this track but I’m keen for his third album if this is anything to go by.

Single: “Surrender” (2020)
Label: Merge Records

2) “YELLOW” – Nick Monaco

Good, solid pop that can be played on repeat. Not exceptional, but nothing ever is. Wikipedia has piqued my interest by describing his performances as flamboyant stage shows that he creates. With the dawn of the live stream and its mass take off about to happen maybe I should be hunting around to see if he will be performing so I can watch from anywhere.

Single: “YELLOW” (2020)
Label: UNISEX Records

3) “I Didn’t Know (Extended Mix)” – Skinshape

I missed this when I went through Skinshape’s back catalogue after finding his cracking track “After Midnight” in Jake 4.┬áRecently, I emailed about 500+ labels asking them if they would like to contribute to RunPip while also making them aware of it to begin with. Lewis Recordings were one of the three that replied. Go check them out and give them and the artists on their roster all of your listening attention. The other two only asked me to spell their name right or to not confuse them with someone else.

Single: “I Didn’t Know (Extended Mix)” (2019)
Label: Lewis Recordings

4) “Strange Overtones” – David Byrne, Brian Eno

I did not know Byrne and Eno were a thing, let alone this being their second collaboration. The lyrics are masterful about humanity overcoming technology, a theme for the whole album. However, by some strange coincidence or the fact we are all pawns in the big data, machine learning, mass consumption game this was recently covered by Whitney (mentioned below) in their new covers album. I like Whitney, I’m sure Spotify know this, did they plant this in my algorithmically made playlists to make me listen to more music?

Album: “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today” (2008)
Label: Pod

5) “Super Hero Vibe” – Anni Rossi

Sassy with a great opening line. Slight bit of venom in there, can you feel the sting? How about this for your Wikipedia stat: “she is notable for playing an electric-viola that was handcrafted from a tree branch by former Swans percussionist Thor Harris”. I’m sure not many people can say that yet alone have it published about them.

Album: “House of Rossi (Mixtape)” (2020)
Label: Land Majestic Records

6) “Bank Head” – Whitney

From Whitney’s recent album of covers, this is delightful and worth repeat listens. It improves on the original and, although the whole album is a bit samey and whiney, to open with this was a very smart choice. Their “Strange Overtones” cover wasn’t nearly as good unfortunately.

Album: “Candid” (2020)
Label: Secretly Canadian