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A month where I listened to a lot of music and a lot of albums, playlists and podcasts. I hope it comes across that we are having a great summer in terms of weather with some of the tracks featured. There have also been a few major updates to RunPip with regards to filtering through the website, we hope you are finding this useful!

Author: Jake

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1) “Castles in the Air” – Sascha Steinfurth

This is a very nice track. Good for the summer with the artwork to match. “Castles In The Air” is Sascha Steinfurth’s first single release as a solo artist. Sascha was part of the Whitest Boy Alive, who also featured Erlend Øye, (mentioned in Jake 18) who co-founded Bubble Records which this track was released on. When Sascha isn’t busy making music he is known as 50% of Vatos Tacos. Vatos Tacos organised the legendary “play for tacos” concept that saw Berlin’s musicians play impromptu shows paid in tacos.

Single: “Castles in the Air” (2020)

2) “Bless Me” – Moses Sumney

This month we were blessed with Part 2 of Moses Sumney’s græ album. It features topics on isolation and is a very well put together album that runs on straight from the first release back in February. I think it will be an album to look back on and reflect the feelings of this time.

Album: “græ” (2020)
Label: Jagjaguwar

3) “Feenicks” – Szymon

Szymon Josiah Borzestowski, known by his stage name Szymon, was an Australian musician. His debut album, “Tigersapp”, was released three years after his death. He was just 23. In 2019, his brother discovered more music by Szymon backing up his computer, resulting in the release of second album “Blue Coloured Mountain”. Before his death Szymon said “I want my music to be timeless.” I did not know any of this on my first few listens but this knowledge does add a new meaning to an already brilliant track.

Album: “Blue Coloured Mountain” (2019)
Label: Eloper Music

4) “Sleep On The Wing” – Bibio

Warp are releasing Bibio’s new album “Sleep on the Wing” in June, which was recorded from his home studio over the course of a year. To get you in the mood here is the title track. Another summery album artwork too.

Single: “Sleep On The Wing” (2020)
Label: Warp Records

5) “Domino” – Corridor

First rocky one for a while for me. Reminds me of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever that both I and Josh have talked about in the past. What’s exciting is they are the first Francophone act, hailing from Montreal, to sign to Sub Pop which I think is a great advantage of modern music and streaming: how no matter where music is coming from, there is an audience and it is more easily accessible than before. The album was also made in a short space of time as they have put pressure on themselves to release an album every two years since forming and they left this one to the Autumn before the release year to begin production.

Album: “Junior” (2019)
Label: Sub Pop Records

6) “Dark blue” – caroline

This one has been on repeat for me. An excellent winding song, that is very intricate. They are an eight piece band already associated with Rough Trade and I’m sure more exciting things will come from them in the future. Here’s a video of them playing in a pool because why not?

Single: “Dark blue” (2020)
Label: Rough Trade Records

7) “LeBron James” – Do Nothing

This is a tough one for me. On the whole I don’t like the song that much except the chorus and ending. I left it in because it is Idles-esque and something a bit different to what I normally include. Apparently the track is based on Billy McFarlane. The one who scammed a huge number of people with his now infamous Fyre Festival.

Single: “Lebron James” (2019)
Label: Exact Truth

8) “HNY” – Stephen Rennicks

The end of April and beginning of May brought the fantastic adaption of Sally Rooney’s “Normal People” by BBC / HULU. I thought the book was quite good but not exceptional. However, the adaption for TV was excellent with the acting, settings and music all coming into play to make for powerful TV that I do want to revisit. The whole soundtrack is worth listening to but this was a highlight for me.

Album: “Normal People (Original Score from the Television Series)” (2020)
Label: Element Pictures

9) “Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Nerina Pallot

Following on, this track was used for the advertising and an ending of an episode of “Normal People” and it worked terrifically. From the internet it seems Nerina Pallot has been covering this Joy Division track since the 00’s however I couldn’t find out if this specific cover was a re-release for Normal People or not.

Single: “Hold On” (2020)
Label: Idaho Records

10) “Time (You and I)” – Khruangbin

Khrunagbin got me grooving with this one but then failed to follow-up with their other recent release “So We Won’t Forget”. For me personally this is too long and does need an edit where it finishes after two or three minutes. I think that would be perfect.

Single: “Time (You and I)” (2020)
Label: Dead Oceans, Inc. In Association with Night Time Stories

11) “Try Again” – Andy Shauf

I discovered “Neon Skyline” released earlier in the year by Andy Shauf at the end of April / beginning of May. Over the course of a year-and-a-half, Andy Shauf ended up with almost 50 songs all about the same night at the bar. That is testament to the songwriting: on one simple topic he could create a brilliant album. This is the message I sent to my friends when I found it encouraging them to check it out:

“But if there’s one thing I think you should do it’s listen to this album front to back. It left me with a huge grin on my face from ear to ear. The storytelling is magical and the whole thing was a delight. It’s delicate, laid back and brilliant. I hope it can fill you with as much happiness as it did me.”

Album: “The Neon Skyline” (2020)
Label: Andy Shauf, under exclusive license to Anti

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