Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 22


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Odd month for me. I listened to a lot of new music and good albums, but not enough of it was stand out when I went back and reflected on it. This must be the reason for the short length. But don’t let that detract from some of the gems to be found in here. Potentially an album of the year too.

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1) “Dress – Live” – Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso released a lovely live album titled “WITH” at the end of the month. This is one of the highlights on there but there are many. They were last mentioned in the third Know Your Feelings podcast (which we need to get back onto) and Jake 3. This track was originally released on their self-title debut album in 2014 (Partisan Records).

Album: “WITH” (2020)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings

2) “The Difference – Extended” – Flume, Toro y Moi

For some reason I ignored the original release of this track and didn’t think much of it. But in the last few days this extended version has been played multiple times. Really good and I can really feel the lyrics. It will be interesting to see if these two collaborate further and become a super duo.

Single: “The Difference (Extended)” (2020)
Label:Future Classic

3) “I Want You To Love Me” – Fiona Apple

This is the album you think might be a contender for my album of the year? Well that would be incorrect. After the release generated lots of rave reviews all around the internet, my interest was piqued so much so that I sat down to listen to it twice. This song does a fantastic job of teeing up the album and I was on the verge of goosebumps on the first listen. Unfortunately, the rest of the album did not deliver on that same level for me and I would not give it full marks. But I did appreciate the work and use of sounds she managed to get from just being in her home. Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is an outstanding track.

Album: “Fetch The Bolt Cutters” (2020)
Label: Epic Records

4) “When You Speak to Mingus” – Febueder

Febueder have been on my radar for a while, just missing out on making it into my playlists. But on this attempt, although not a perfect track, they have done it. They make music that sounds raw and not quite complete, for example the ending and the mumbling singing but maybe that is just their style? The beginning riff is something quite special and was a treat to discover. There’s not much on the internet about them except a few live covers and the words “avant-indie duo” which adds to the mystery.

Single: “When You Speak to Mingus” (2020)
Label: Febueder

5) “Mourning” – Kyle Rapps, Sly5thAve

A hard hitting song with a great narrative. The type of rap I like, it’s similar to Roc Marciano in a way. Sly5thAve is featured on this track who seems to be able to elevate songs very well.

Single: “Mourning” (2020)
Label: Kyle Rapps

6) “Hope We Meet Again” – Laura Marling

Here it is. The album I think could be a contender for album of the year for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the release of a new Laura Marling album: finding the track “Held Down” in one of my Release Radar playlists. It transported me back to listening to her as a teen but this one just feels more complete and less twangy with the accent if that makes sense. More grown up in a way. It is one of the first albums in a long time that I have listened to over three times in a short period of time.

Album: “Song For Our Daughter” (2020)
Label: Chrysalis Records

7) “Three Days”- Chartreuse

Like Febueder above, Chartreuse are a band that have been almost on my playlists for a while. This one is romantic and on first listen I thought it had sad themes however I think it could also be a happy one with the singer spilling his heart out, but I’m still not quite sure. Nice and bluesy with a good build up.

Single: “Three Days” (2019)
Label: [PIAS] Recordings

8) “Switch” – Biig Piig

Let’s end on this short, sharp song perfect for getting you pumped up. According to Biig Piig ‘Switch’ is “about the tension, helplessness and pressure that the world is under right now. The beat and lyrics to me represents the fast pace of how the world is falling apart, and the anxious undertone of it all.” This makes me like it more.

Single: “Switch” (2020)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

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