Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 20

9 songs, 34 min, 6 min reading time.

A stand-out month for me, both in terms of listening to music and RunPip. I found a renewed passion to get more posts out while also discovering some fantastic new tracks through the release of multiple great albums.

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1) “Still Here” – HONEYMOAN

HONEYMOAN are a cool quartet from Cape Town. This is a great track with a fantastic ending. Their second EP “Weirdo” was released on 21 February and I need to get round to listening to that as I’m sure it’s interesting following the release of this single last November.

Single: “Still Here” (2019)
Label: Communion Group

2) “Empty Beach” – Coco

This was a super nice track released on January 8 2019. Coco only have one single on their Spotify and if you head to the about tab they have a mysterious description including the following lines: “Coco is not about who we are. We choose to share this music with the world anonymously because we want Coco to be solely and truly about the music.”

Single: “Empty Beach” (2020)
Label: Coco Time Music

3) “Genevieve – Unfinished” – Jai Paul

Last year Jai Paul uploaded all of the tracks that were leaked earlier in his career to streaming services. Joe highlighted this in his excellent post at the beginning of the summer. Following my first listen through of the leaked re-releases I must have missed this as after listening to them at the beginning of this month I really enjoyed finding this. Groovy, funky and cool.

Album: “Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)” (2013)
Label: XL

4) “Live Like We’re Dancing (with Georgia)” – Mura Masa

Both Mura Masa and Georgia released albums worth listening to recently: “Raw Youth Collage” and “Seeking Thrills” respectively. This just pipped the post to the “Raw Youth Collage” song, as it just gets you in a good mood. Perfect for screaming along to and dancing around your room.

Album: “R.Y.C” (2020)
Label: Universal Music Operations

5) “Just Love” – Chinatown Slalom

Chinatown Slalom are a nutty band from Liverpool. They sample multiple sources in their music and this track featured on their debut album “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” last summer. Although repetitive I really like the trumpet part.

Album: “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (2019)
Label: September Recordings

6) “Better Now – Edit” – SebastiAn

I was lucky enough to be in Geneva earlier this month. I was walking around the museums on my own (where this image came from – Geneva’s MAMCO), having a great time. Of course I had my headphones on and just stuck on loads of albums. This is from SebastiAn’s November 2019 release: “Thirst”. It is one of the best albums I’ve listened to for a while. A lot of the songs are interesting and it was great to put on while walking round and taking things in.

Album: “Thirst” (2019)
Label: Ed Banger records

7) “Blueberry Beads” – John Carroll Kirby

This is very nice and jazzy. Easy listening but it leaves you wanting more. But not too long to wait as John Carroll Kirby’s debut album “Stones Throw” is out on 24 April. According to his Spotify info he has collobaraoted with artists as varied as Bat for Lashes, Connan Mockasin, Harry Styles, Kali Uchis, Solange and Frank Ocean. Impressive.

Single: “Blueberry Beads” (2020)
Label: Stones Throw Records

8) “Neither/Nor” – Moses Sumney

Lets all take a time-out to go and listen to “grae: Part 1” released on February 21. It is a fantastic album, showcasing Moses Sumney’s crazy sounds and thinking. A very good album to listen to. I think it will take quite a bit to beat this as album of the year for me but he does have a second part out later in the year (May 15) so maybe that could do it? He’s already appeared on a few of my playlists and I’m just left thinking why I didn’t find out about him sooner.

Album: “græ: Part 1” (2020)
Label: Jagjaguwar

9) “We Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange)” – The Avalanches

I didn’t know The Avalanches were Australian but there you go. It took them 16 years to produce a second album in 2016, so it is good to see they are working on new tracks like this one just four years later. Slow, groovy, with attitude, a great collaboration with Blood Orange. It also samples Smokey Robinson and the Roches. A clever song.

Single: “We Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange)” (2020)
Label: Modular Recordings