Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 19

10 songs, 41 min, 5 min reading time.

A good month for me. I found two new artists that I love: Hannah Cohen and Jason Nolan and my favourite radio host Cillian Murphy returned to BBC Radio 6.

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1) “Old Bruiser” – Hannah Cohen

From Hannah Cohen’s 2019 album “Welcome Home”, this is terrific. Heart-wrenching and easy listening. It’s been on countless times for me in the past month, the album is also worth listening to.

Album: “Welcome Home” (2019)
Label: Bella Union

2) “All I Wanted” – Hannah Cohen

Appearing on the same album as above this one is a bit more poppy and Lana Del Rey-esque but great in its own right as well.

Album: “Welcome Home” (2019)
Label: Bella Union

3) “What Moves” – LA Priest

An undeniable banger. LA Priest’s best to date and I’m excited to here more if it’s as weird, wonderful and funky as this. Keep your eye out for the LP “GENE” on April 24.

Single: “What Moves” (2020)
Label: Domino Recording

4) “It’s Me” – Jason Nolan

I rung in the New Year with Jason Nolan and have loved finding out more of his stuff ever since. A beautiful track that keeps you hanging on. I’m excited to hear more from him. While having a bit of a wobble on where RunPip is going (and I still don’t know…) this was on repeat.

Single: “It’s Me” (2019)
Label: majestic

5) “Angel Grove” – Jason Nolan

After delving into more of Jason Nolan’s releases I found this one from 2016, which is one of those great easy songs that is perfect to put on when you don’t know what else to play.

EP: “Wonder Years” (2016)
Label: Majestic Records

6) “Therapy” – Duke Dumont

I have a cheeky soft spot for Duke Dumont and his club tracks and this release from earlier in the month was a good reminder of that. I can see this being a great track to dance along to and I hope it becomes a mainstay in clubs around the world – often when I say this, I never hear the track on a night out… If you want to be pumped stick this on. Yola from Phantom Limb helped to write the track and provides the brilliant vocals.

Single: “Therapy” (2020)
Label: Adam Dyment

7) “Jezahel – 2000 Remaster” – Shirley Bassey

Cillian Murphy thank you. The sample we all wanted to know and served up on a plate in one of his recent Radio 6 Mixtapes. An absolute delight to find this and have his shows back on my regular listen.

Album: “And I Love You So” (2000)
Label: Parlophone Records

8) “Batu” – Jason Nolan

Jason Nolan back at it. My Discover Weekly put me on to this after finding the below track and it took me longer than it should have to realise they are the same artist. But I was very happy to put 2 and 2 together eventually and delve into his backlog; appearing 4 times in this one playlist as a result! What a start to a song as well.

Single: “Batu” (2017)
Label: Majestic Casual Records

9) “Peach” – Jason Nolan

This is the track I discovered on NYE and what a track it is. I’ve had this on repeat multiple times. The lyrics really draw you in, the whole sound is complete and it is a terrific track. I believe we will see big things from Jason Nolan this year.

Single: “Peach” (2019)
Label: majestic

10) “Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus)” – Miles Davis

Just wait for that ending. Need I say more? A compilation of Jazz on Broadway has recently been put on Spotify and if you want big, impactful sounds it is worth getting through.

Album: “Milestones of Jazz Legends – Jazz on Broadway, Vol. 1” (2019)
Label: Intense Media