Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 18


13 songs, 52 min, 8 min reading time.

It’s coming up to the end of 2019 which marks the first full calendar year of my discovery playlists. Currently I’m thinking of getting to 24 monthly playlists and then stopping so we can begin to let other people share their favourite discoveries each month and possibly open this slot up to someone else in a residency type way. (What do you think?!)

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1) “GET UP” – Young Fathers

“GET UP” is a stormer of a track. I found it through my Spotify “Best of the Decade For You” playlist that can be found on your Spotify homepage if you use Spotify. It is less personalised than some of the other playlists they offer as they seem to have bunched people into groups for it (mine had 100,000 followers for instance) but should suit your tastes if you want something on in the background that has a random selection of hits. This particular track is from Young Father’s 2014 album “DEAD” that went on to win the Mercury Prize award that year and can also be found on the T2 Trainspotting soundtrack.

Album: “DEAD” (2014)
Label: Big Dada

2) “Don’t Let Me Be – Brozeur Remix” – Cassius

Cassius have had a tough year. Zdar passed away just 2 days before the release of their album “Dreems”, released in June. Unfortunately I didn’t like the original but Brozeur has elevated this excellently.

Single: “Don’t Let Me Be (Brozeur Remix)” (2019)
Label: Toilet Paper and Miko Miko and Alexandre Philipps

3) “Planet Hearth” – Calibre

At the end of last month Calibre released his latest album Planet Hearth, that was “dedicated to a very close friend who passed away last year, this is by far the most personal and poignant record he has ever made.” (BandCamp description) This particular one is atmospheric and mellow.

Album: “Planet Hearth” (2019)
Label: Signature Records

4) “Every Single 1” – Aaron Childs

I’ve known Aaron Childs since his fun “Good Times” track and Channel Tres’ excellent “Tangerine” remix mentioned way back in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 1. Through researching the songs on this list I discovered they are both signed to a cool label named Godmode based in LA. This particular song has elements of Jodie Abacus and I’m sure he’ll become a sensation soon enough.

Single: “Every Single 1” (2019)

5) “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Never really got on with Bombay Bicycle Club even though a lot of my friends liked them growing up, but I have found myself liking this and their other recent track: “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong”.

Single: “Racing Stripes” (2020)
Label: Mmm…Records

6) “Polly” – Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney appears to be a funny guy through his sassy Twitter feed and eccentric sound. He’s had a few new releases recently including this one and I’m sure his next album will definitely be worth a listen.

Single: “Polly” (2019)
Label: Jagjaguwar

7) “For the Time Being” – Erlend Øye & La Comitiva

Erlend Øye is a Norwegian composer, musician, producer, singer and songwriter from Bergen. La Comitiva is a band made up of Erlend and a few of his friends. This has been on repeat for me numerous times over the last month. Excellent.

Single: “For the Time Being” (2019)

8) “It Might Be Time” – Tame Impala

Kevin Parker is a genius and those drums are to die for. I’m sure his next album will be another corker.

Single: “It Might Be Time” (2020)
Label: Modular Recordings

9) “Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East? – Ambient Version” – Laurence Guy

London-based producer Laurence Guy returns to Japanese label Mule Musiq. This is atmospheric and brilliant and needs to be listened to on good quality headphones or a great speaker.

Single: “Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East?” (2019)
Label: Mule Musiq

10) “Kãma – Skinny Pelembe’s Birthday Cake Version” – Maribou State

It’s the rapping about a third of the way in that really stand out for me. On the whole I’m not actually that much of a fan I just really enjoy that period where Skinny Pelembe gets going and that’s why it’s on here.

Album: “Kingdoms In Colour Remixed” (2019)
Label: Counter Records

11) “Everything & More” – Gengahr

I hadn’t heard of North-London based Gengahr before their recent releases started appearing in my “Release Radar” playlists on Spotify. After doing some research they have had two well received albums but it is this more recent track that really stands out for me.

Single: “Everything & More” (2019)
Label: Gengahr / Liberator Music

12) “Happyface – Joe Goddard Remix Edit” – ALASKALASKA

The lyrics really hit me: “Are you getting too old, do you feel like a failure?
Don’t you have a good job, why not make lots of money?
Don’t you think that it’s hard, don’t you think that it’s funny
Is that the first thing you think of when you’re asked if you’re happy

Are you getting ripped off, don’t you get what you pay for?
Is it not enough, then you better work harder
Are you underwhelmed, do you feel a bit sorry
For yourself, for the world and then it comes everybody”

Single: “Happyface (Joe Goddard Remix)” (2019)
Label: Marathon Artists

13) “Late Night Feelings – Channel Tres Remix” – Mark Ronson

I really enjoyed the original when it was released earlier in the year as explained in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 11. However, Channel Tres has taken it to the next level and done something exceptional to it. One of my favourite songs of the year and an absolute triumph of a remix: clearly entwined to the original but also it’s own version in it’s own right. It teases you and pulls you around just when you think you know what’s coming. Channel Tres told NME in 2018: “I party hard, bro” and that he goes clubbing a lot for “research”. Regardless, he is very near the top of my list for who I want to see live next.

Single: “Late Night Feelings (Channel Tres Remix)” (2019)
Label: Mark Ronson