Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 17

11 songs, 47 min, 6 min reading time.

RunPip is gaining momentum which is great to see. This has meant that I have listened to less of my own discoveries and more of other peoples – which was always the aim!

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1) “Wait a Minute!” – WILLOW

Natascha’s brilliant Pride in Music playlist this month led me onto this. Having only known WILLOW previously for “Whip My Hair”, it was great to discover an absolute banger.

Album: “ARDIPITHECUS” (2015)
Label: Roc Nation Records

2) “What’s a girl to do” – Group Listening

Quite a simple band name right. And in all honesty I have not been listening to it in a group but I have been sharing this brilliant cover of Fatima Yamaha’s classic. It is long and takes a while to get going but you are hooked from half way onwards and I think it might even be better than the original.

Single: “What’s A Girl To Do” (2019)
Label: PRAH Recordings

3) “Radar Detector – Live at the BBC for Zane Lowe / 5th May, 2010” – Darwin Deez

This has had me dancing round my room on a number of occasions this month. Also due to the fact on the Spotify app that you do not get to see the whole title if they are long, I went around coming up with conspiracy theories that Spotify had hijacked Apple Music live sessions which after finding out the date upon sharing the song and seeing the full title made me feel pretty silly.

Single: “Radar Detector” (2019)
Label: Lucky Number Music

4) “Design Guide (Feat. Brian Eno)” – William Doyle

East India Youth has rebranded himself as himself and produced this album featuring this song which is getting a fair bit of buzz in the critic circle. Will it appear on the Mercury Prize Nomination List?

Album: “Your Wilderness Revisited” (2019)
Label: William Doyle

5) “Kokoro – Laolu Remix” – Fatoumata Diawara

This is great. Groovy, funky, fun and with a great chorus. Fatoumata is playing at Songlines 2019 at EartH in Hackney, East London on November 30 and I’m pretty sure that will be a great gig.

Single: “Kokoro (Laolu Remix)” (2019)
Label: Parlophone Records

6) “You’ve Got The Love – Jamie xx Rework” – Florence + The Machine, The xx

This has been around since 2009 and I only found it half way through this month. A great rework of the modern classic.

Single: “You’ve Got The Love (Jamie xx Rework)” (2009)
Label: Island Records

7) “sad day” – FKA twigs

FKA twigs released her exceptional MAGDALENE album on November 8 and this is the highlight for me. Ending on “cellophane” which was discussed in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 11┬áis heartbreaking, but “sad day” is an astonishing song.

Single: “sad day” (2019)
Label: Young Turks Recordings

8) “EL TORO COMBO MEAL (feat. Mavi)” – Earl Sweatshirt

Pitchfork hyped up Earl’s 15 minute album a lot at the start of this month so I gave it a listen. This track proves why it is worth 15 mins of your time.

Album: “FEET OF CLAY” (2019)
Label: Tan Cressida

9) “Thirsty Thursday – Bonus Track” – Hak Baker

A few of us here at RunPip have been hyping up Hak Baker for a while and it was exciting to see his album “Babylon” released at the end of October. This bonus track really steals the show and the ending is an absolute triumph. Hak Baker actually runs a series of nights out in London that look pretty rowdy and I think they go by the name of “Thirsty Thursday” so I believe that’s where the song comes from. He’s just released a new date at the Moth Club as all the other London shows had sold out, he still has tickets left at other venues up and down the UK. From his Instagram account his gigs do look crazy but fun.

Album: “Babylon” (2019)
Label: Hak Attack Records

10) “Tried Up” – Ama Lou

Samira sometimes gives the impression I don’t like the music she likes – see her brilliant Mood playlist post. Samira has shown me this tune a few times but I gave it a go in my noise cancelling headphones and it came into its own. It’s a brilliant track.

Single: “DDD” (2018)
Label: AMA LOU

11) “International Woman of Leisure” – La Roux

Great to see La Roux back with an absolute stormer. She gave an honest, frank and open discussion before playing this on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show and I thought she came across really well.

Single: “International Woman of Leisure” (2019)
Label: Supercolour Records