Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 16

11 songs, 47 min, 7 min reading time.

Tough month for me this month, didn’t find too many outstanding songs but thankfully we had some great submissions from other contributors throughout October!

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1) “Wanted Man – Take 1” – Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

Two legends just jamming along; it feels like they are just messing about with it and that comes across well.

Single: “Wanted Man (Take 1)” (2019)

Label: Columbia Records

2) “Bags” – Clairo

georgepjcurtis contributed a fantastic playlist to RunPip last week and helped me to find my favourite song this month. An absolute corker. The lyrics are great, the riff is great, the attitude is great, the chorus is great. Yes, I’m already looking into buying tickets to see her live.

Album: “Immunity” (2019)

Label: Clairo

3) “Addicted Youth” – Hemlock Ernst, Kenny Segal

Brilliant rap accompanied by lyrics from the Future Islands front man. Lovely and smooth.

Single: “Addicted Youth” (2019)

Label: Ruby Yacht

4) “Fannie Likes 2 Dance” – Merle

Jungle released a brilliant collection of songs that they like to groove to and this is a gem from that.

Album: “Back to Mine: Jungle” (2019)

Label: Back to Mine

5) “Just Breathe – Running Touch & Adult Art Club Remix” – Crooked Colours

Still in two minds about this. On the one hand a bit irritating and hard to listen to, but on the other some delicious licks and loops that get you drawn in. Compelling in a way and I suppose what remixes should be trying to do: pushing songs into ways they weren’t originally intended.

Single: “Just Breathe (Running Touch & Adult Art Club Remix)” (2019)

Label: Sweat It Out!

6) “H3AT RISES” – Nïlufer Yanya

Nïlufer really can’t do much wrong. Alfie was fortunate to see her earlier in the month at a festival in Bristol and she was said to be awesome live. I expected nothing less.

Single: “H34T RISES” (2019)

Label: ATO Records

7) “Cranes in the Sky” – Solange

An absolute banger. The drums in the background, the beautiful singing, the orchestral violin feel, it all just works. Thanks to Mark Richardson for putting me onto it with his 50 best tracks of the 2010s and this was rightfully way up there near the top.

Album: “A Seat at the Table” (2016)

Label: Columbia Records

8) “Let You Know – Robin Hannibal Remix” – Flume, London Grammar

I haven’t liked London Grammar since their excellent first album and I think it is to do with the singing. However, this remix uses the singing to great effect and the disco vibes has had me dancing in my room a number of times this month.

Single: “Let You Know (Robin Hannibal Rework)” (2019)

Label: Future Classic

9) “Exits – PARD Remix” – Foals

Foals’ second album of the year has recently been released and I still haven’t got round to listening to it properly bar the odd song. What has been overlooked however are the remixes from their album released earlier in the year and this is one of those.

Album: “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt. 1 (Remixes)” (2019)

Label: Foals

10) “Zange” – Bongeziwe Mabandla

A very interesting song from this South African artist. It is considered afro-folk by genre and is a great song regardless.

Single: “Zange” (2019)

Label: Bongeziwe Mabandla

11) “Mountains” – Charlotte Day Wilson

Let’s finish on this mellow, sad song from Charlotte Day Wilson. It is presumed to be the first song on her upcoming debut album. Exciting.

Single: “Mountains” (2019)

Label: Stone Woman Music