Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 15

20 songs, 1 hr 27 min, 12 min reading time.

12 months on from my best playlist to date Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 3, below is an attempt to try and match it.

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1) “Dream in Colour – Gerd Janson Remix” – Franc Moody

Let’s kick this off with this remix that has provided a fresh lick of paint on the original by German producer Gerd Janson to get you grooving.

Single: “Dream in Colour (Gerd Janson Remix)” (2019)
Label: Juicebox Recordings

2) “Grief Eyes” – Hak Baker

Hak Baker does a fantastic job of highlighting quite “lad-dy” issues in a heartfelt, raw way.

Single: “Grief Eyes” (2019)
Label: Hak Attack Records

3) “Brutality feat. Horace Andy” – Massive Dread

Earlier this month I participated in the LG trail half a 32 mile run along the Swiss Jura (the organisers submitted a playlist earlier this month which can be found below) . Incredibly beautiful with outstanding scenery while the event was well organised, this tune came on when I was extremely nervous at the start and after about half way where Horace Andy gets going it really grabs you.

Album: “2 Dread Inna Babylon” (2006)
Label: Silver Kamel Audio

4) “Hey” – Nilüfer Yanya

A brilliant cover of the Pixies tune which is also exceptional and can be found in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 12. Nilüfer Yanya is a very exciting upcoming talent.

Compilation: “Extraordinary Renditions” (2016)
Label: DEEK Recordings

5) “Amor Anciano” – Maria Usbeck

A fantastic Spanish language song released earlier in the year. Does the lady who talks also feature on the Soulwax tune “Close to Paradise” featured on Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 3? I couldn’t find out online.

Album: “Envejeciendo” (2019)
Label: Cascine

6) “Fog” – GRMLN

GRMLN has appeared in a few of my playlists and this is my favourite since “Sad Desire” also found in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 3. He seems more confident in this one which comes across well for me.

Album: “Non Classical” (2019)
Label: Yoodoo Park

7) “Sunday – Tensnake Remix” – Foals

Another German DJ remix. I think I am in the mood to get down and boogey this month. It’s retro, cheesy and has good vibes while doing a brilliant job of doing something entirely different to Foals’ tune “Sunday”.

Album: “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt. 1 (Remixes)” (2019)
Label: Foals

8) “Ben’s My Friend” – Sun Kil Moon

The evening after finishing my ultramarathon in Switzerland we went to a house party and this tune came on. The best use of “blue crab-cakes” in a song that I know of.

Album: “Benji” (2014)
Label: Caldo Verde

9) “Mountains of Gold” – Everything Is Recorded, Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki, Kamasi Washington

Full credit to contributor Alfie who told me to listen to the album “Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell” where this song was the highlight for me. Sampha really steals the show here he does an exceptional job on vocals.

Album: “Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell” (2018)
Label: XL

10) “Space Drum Machine” – The Mauskovic Dance Band

The group is the brainchild of Nicola Mauskovic, Amsterdam based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Fun space disco stuff and you can really hear the Afro-Carribean influence.

Album: “The Mauskovic Dance Band” (2019)
Label: Soundway Records

11) “Hell N Back” – Bakar

I often get Bakar mixed up with Hak Baker, and they both featured this month, did I get them the right way round?

Single: “Hell N Back” (2019)
Label: Bakar

12) “To Say” – Jacques Greene

Credit to Contributor Alfie here: he shared the tune “Feel Infinite” with me, then I let the song carry onto the next in the album and found this gem.

Album: “Feel Infinite” (2017)
Label: LuckyMe Records

13) “Sex Emoji” – Metronomy

Best Metronomy track for some time for me from their new album “Metronomy Forever”.

Album: “Metronomy Forever” (2019)
Label: Because Music

14) “Ever Again – Soulwax Remix” – Robyn

Didn’t think this month was about dancing but the tunes here provide a good basis to bust some moves. There are exciting things coming in the future from RunPip so this may be as a result of this.

Single: “Ever Again (Soulwax Remix)” (2019)
Label: Konichiwa Records

15) “In Your Head” – Nilüfer Yanya

From the brilliant album “Miss Universe”, this alongside “Baby Blu” are the two highlights for me. This is powerful and strong – terrific. Two songs by one artist in a playlist this is the first time since Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 3 and Mount Kimbie.

Album: “Miss Universe” (2019)
Label: ATO Records

16) “Ballerine” – Holly Walker

Having only known Holly Waker from her teams up with Maribou State as featured in Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 6, it was a joy to discover this released earlier in the year, the use of differing vocals and a great background beat make this a standout tune.

Single: “Ballerine” (2019)
Label: Dama Dama

17) “Heaven Only Knows” – Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Lido, Eryn Allen Kane

This is in here for the woops alone at the end. Contributor Alfie produces some brilliant woops when he gets going grooving to tunes, and these ones are up there with his.

Single: “Heaven Only Knows” (2019)
Label: Towkio

18) “4ever” – Ekkah

A cool duo who look like they have an interesting event coming up on Halloween in Hoxton.

Single: “4ever” (2019)
Label: EKKAH

19) “L.A” – Amen Dunes

“Lilac in Hand” was the standout moment from a very disappointing War on Drugs set at O2 Brixton a few years ago, where Amen Dunes was the support act. I really like how sassy he sounds and the attitude he conveys in his songs, it’s electric and I was delighted when I found out this had been released, the version with Westerman is also good.

Single: “L.A. (Remix feat. Westerman)” (2019)
Label: Sacred Bones Records

20) “Grown Into You” – Somni

Brilliantly mellow.

Single: “Grown Into You” (2019)
Label: Friends Of Friends