Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 14

12 songs, 52 min, 5 min reading time.

I know I claimed to have found potentially my song of the year last month, but this month has come up tops and given me a strong contender. Also contributors Sam and Charles had a great moving out party where RunPip DJ’d but I was an idiot and forgot to record the set – I will try my best to remember for next time!

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1) “SATURDAZE” – Def Sound, Clear Mortifee, qleer

In all honesty I only really like this song when it gets going from halfway; the attitude comes through and it has real style.

Single: “SATURDAZE” (2019)
Label: Mango Disco Records / SOUTH CENTERED

2) “Unqualified” – Ikebe Shakedown

Funky and fun: elements of soul groove, jazz and spaghetti western for me – what a combo!

Album: “Unqualified” (2019)
Label: Colemine Records

3) “Sunny” – Biig Piig

One of my anthems of the summer; laidback, mellow and easy listening in a great way. I want to try and catch Biig Piig at some point, she seems effortlessly cool.

Single: “Sunny” (2019)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

4) “Hey Man, Don’t Look At Me Like That’ – DOPE LEMON

In my opinion, the coolest track from his most recent album ‘Smooth Big Cat’. The album finishes in this beautiful, raw way.

Album: “Smooth Big Cat” (2019)
Label: Angus Stone

5) “Et annet sted” – Hubbabubbaklubb

I’m not sure what they are saying or what this is about but I enjoy just putting it on and nodding along.

Album: “Drømmen drømmerne drømmer” (2018)
Label: Snorkel Records

6) “Something About You (with Rudimental)” – Elderbrook

I really like this because I saw the music video featuring one of the actors from the brilliant ‘This Is England’ TV series, it just reminded me how good that show was. See the music video below:

Single: “Something About You (with Rudimental)” (2019)
Label: Parlophone Records

7) “Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)” – Jorja Smith

It is interesting to see Jorja Smith doing more RnB, upbeat fun tunes. This one has a great summer vibe to it.

Single: “Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)” (2019)
Label: FAMM

8) “Zorah Come Home” – Jadu Heart

I hadn’t found a tune by Jadu Heart as good as ‘The Love’ until this one. It takes a while to really get going but the last third is good, give it a chance.

Album: “Melt Away” (2019)
Label: VLF Records

9) “You Ain’t The Problem” – Michael Kiwanuka

It is really exciting to see Michael Kiwanuka releasing new tunes to tease his new album release. This is punchy and powerful, he really gets going when the singing comes in. I am very keen to try and catch him on his tour next year.

Single: “You Ain’t The Problem” (2019)
Label: Polydor

10) “Deaf Ears, Blind Years” – Saint Jude

This basically just sounds like a guy mumbling and having a rant, and I really like that.

Single: “Deaf Ears, Blind Years” (2019)
Label: Slow Dance Recordings

11) “Memory Box” – Peter Cat Recording Co

Okay, so here it is. A contender for song discovery of the year for me. Peter Cat Recording Co are a bonkers band from New Delhi spanning lots of genres and I am now determined to learn more about them after this corker.

Album: “Bismillah” (2019)
Label: Panache

12) “Sinful” – Rhye

From the brilliant album “Blood” released in 2018, and the first from Rhye I have posted in a while. The reason it is in here because it is brilliantly used in the fantastic series ‘Atypical’ on Netflix about a boy growing up with autism in his late teens. I cannot recommend it enough.

Album: “Blood” (2018)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings