Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 13

11 songs, 45 min, 7 min reading time.

This month ended on a brilliant high with the Naked City festival that a few other RunPip contributors and myself attended, it was a fantastic event despite the weather! Keep your eyes peeled for next year.

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1) “You’re so Fine” – Papa Bear & His Cubs

This is a lovely new release that sounds like it was released decades ago. It has a fantastic feel to it.

Single: “You’re so Fine” (2019)
Label: Athens Of The North

2) “Painted Wolf” – O’Flynn

O’Flynn has an album out in September of this year. If this single is anything to go by it is going to be intriguing and immersive with a great use of sounds and World Music influence.

Single: “Painted Wolf” (2019)
Label: Silver Bear Recordings

3) “Lone Ranger” – Matt Duncan

I recently ran a 5 mile / 8 km road race with my Dad and on the way over to it this played on his Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ Playlist. After listening to it back several times it is not quite as good as I remember, however having said that the final 50 seconds of the song is outstanding so give it a chance to get to that bit.

Album: “Soft Times” (2013)
Label: Hop Hop

4) “Mustard Flower” – Titeknots

This came on at Naked City Festival and safe to say, shit went down. All manner of moves were thrown and it just spread joy through everyone who was there. A corker of a track.

Album: “Mustard Flower / Help Out When You Can” (2017)
Label: Press Something Play Something

5) “Juice” – Lizzo

I hadn’t really given Lizzo a shot even though she has been making significant strides recently with a very well received set at Glastonbury. However thanks to contributor Chris I listened to this and what a fun, upbeat, happy song it is.

Album: “Cuz I Love You” (2019)
Label: Nice Life Recording Company and Atlantic Recording Corporation

6) “I Don’t Think I Can Stay” – Adult Books

Contributor Duncan made a brilliant Power Pop MiniMix for RunPip earlier in the month and this is one of my highlights from it.

Album: “Running from the Blows” (2016)
Label: Lolipop Records

7) “Solou” – Tourdefrance

I love these hidden gems Café Kitsuné keep pumping out. One day I wish to visit their awesome looking Café’s while listening to the stellar tracks they find.

EP: “Tourdefrance” (2019)
Label: 1229029 Records

8) “Movin'” – Tender Games

An upbeat, groovy tune. Lay down some moves and just enjoy it.

Single: “Movin'” (2019)
Label: Midnight Snacks

9) “He” – Jai Paul

Thanks to contributor Joe, I am now aware of the brilliance of Jai Paul. Following the leak of his 2013 work he recently re-released it all himself along with 2 new tracks, one of them being this one. An interesting, powerful track.

Album: “Do You Love Her Now / He” (2019)
Label: XL

10) “Living In The Snow” – Mocky

Wow. I almost made my playlist this song but just 10 times over, a contender for my favourite track discovered this year despite the release being in 2015. Please give it 3 or 4 listens as it gets better and better on each turn. Mocky sounds like a very under-the-radar artist who is involved in a lot of interesting things and I will now be spending a few days going through his collection of work.

Album: “Key Change” (2015)
Label: Heavy Sheet

11) “You Can’t Steal My Joy” – Ezra Collective

Let’s finish on a high from Naked City Festival. London jazz collective Ezra Collective set the bar at Naked City with a terrific set. They are young, dynamic and part of an awe inspiring, bubbling Jazz scene in London. They were trying to unite everyone through joy at the festival and they achieved that. Contributor Greystones and myself were dancing nonstop to this accompanied by many screams and whistles of pure joy. Go and see them if you get the chance.

Album: “You Can’t Steal My Joy” (2019)
Label: Enter The Jungle