Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 12


12 songs, 50 min, 10 min reading time.

A year of RunPip and I’ve done it – 12 Discovery Playlists in 12 months. Thank you to everyone who checks-in with us and has provided content over the last 12 months. We’re not going to stop here and there is a lot more to come on the horizon!

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1) “Sweet Thing” – Van Morrison

This month saw the end of Cillian Murphy’s stint as Guy Garvey stand-in on Radio 6. What a run of shows he provided, playing fantastic tunes week in week out, summing it all up with his dulcet tones. This was a fantastic tune played in his final show. I also found out Van Morrison was Irish which I didn’t know before. When I brought this up with my Dad (who got me into music and has fantastic taste) he bluntly stated The Waterboys cover is better (found below). On this occasion I disagree Dad and think this is a corker.

Album: “Astral Weeks” (1968)
Label: Warner Records

2) “La Vita” – Beverly Glenn-Copeland

This has a great build-up and classical quality to it. I really love it when it gets going in the latter half with the hip-hoppy lyrics. I did not know that Beverly was a trans man until after researching him. Beverly made a lot of music in obscurity in his spare time and it took a while for him to find his audience but his popularity has soared in recent years. I am very happy to now be a part of that audience.

Single: “La Vita” (2019)
Label: Beverly Glenn-Copeland

3) “Time Flies” – Jodie Abacus

In all honesty, I do not think this is one of Jodie Abacus’ best. However, I was listening to this while social media let me know it had been 2 years since I had moved out of my university flat and been split up with my South Korean flat-mate Allan. This led to a nostalgic series of messages reminiscing over this time – this is for you Allan, time does fly!

Single: “Time Flies” (2019)
Label: Ferocious Label Services

4) “Turned Out I Was Everyone” – SASAMI

Sad and melancholic but with a great repetitive streak. The use of layering lyrics over each other is fantastic.

Album: “SASAMI” (2019)
Label: Domino Recording

5) “Ja!” – Klaus Johann Grobe

So this reminds me of Metronomy’s sound throughout their fantastic ‘English Riviera’ album. Spotify let me know Klaus Johann Grobe are a Swiss duo who sing in German – go figure? The ending when the singing speeds up is well worth waiting for.

Album: “Du bist so symmetrisch” (2018)
Label: Trouble In Mind Records

6) “Mother” – IDLES

“The best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich!”

This is my mantra from now on. This is what the UK needs, an angry band speaking truths and we should all be screaming along in unison. A big aim of mine now is to help dismantle this horrible Tory party in the UK.

Album: “Brutalism” (2017)
Label: Partisan Records

7) “People’s Faces” – Kate Tempest

“My country’s coming apart. The whole thing’s becoming such a bumbling, farce”

For any of you who are living in the UK this is a perfect encapsulation of the mess we are in. Kate Tempest does a terrific job of highlighting the awful problems in the UK in her newly released, fantastic album ‘The Book Of Traps And Lessons’. A lot is going to have to be done to remove this from the spot of album of the year or one of the albums of the year, terrific, important, inspiring.

Album: “The Book Of Traps And Lessons” (2019)
Label: Republic Records

8) “Playground” – Steve Lacy

I know I got a bit down in the dumps there for 2 songs, but we need to solve some issues. Anyway to get us back on the upbeat side here is a brilliant, poppy tune from Steve Lacy. Some of you may recognise him from featuring on Vampire Weekend’s recent album ‘Father of the Bride’. Steve’s first album is playful and fun but still feels like he is developing, a great attempt for his age though (21). Big things to come.

Album: “Apollo XXI” (2019)
Label: 3qtr

9) “Put It On Me” – Ja Rule, Vita, Lil’ Mo

Credits to Samira here. I had never heard this banger back from 2000 and what a track it is. Fun, rough around the edges and gets you pumped, a good one to groove along to. Brilliant use of featured artists as well.

Album: “Rule 3:36” (2000)
Label: The Island Def Jam Music Group

10) “No Place – Short Version” – RÜFUS DU SOL

I have loved every minute of helping RunPip get out there and encouraging others to get onboard. We are still very much at the beginning, but we have a lovely group of contributors and more to come and there is “no place I’d rather be” than working on RunPip. I cannot wait to see where we are in a year’s time.

Single: “No Place (Short Version)” (2019)
Label: Rose Avenue Records

11) “Orquídea” – Quantic, Sly5thave

A group of RunPip Contributors recently went to see Quantic at Phonox in Brixton, London and had a great time. Although I sadly missed it it did inspire me to check out Quantic’s latest work ‘Atlantic Oscillations’. It is a varied, intelligent and groovy album. This piece where he teamed up with Sly5thave, who I hold in high regards, is a delicious, jazzy song.

Album: “Atlantic Oscillations” (2019)
Label: Tru Thoughts

12) “Hey” – Pixies

Let’s finish where we began this week. So although Cillian Murphy finished his radio show, Rob Delaney was then brought in to fill in for the following 4 weeks. He adds some sarcasm and a different vibe but overall it is still worth tuning in for. This was a terrific highlight from his first three shows. Some of the best grunts I’ve heard and the combination of the grunt and the snare about halfway through really gives me the feels.

Album: “Doolittle” (1989)
Label: 4AD

Once again, thank you all for reading every month!

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