Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 11


15 songs, 56 min, 7 min reading time.

Back again with my round-up of the tunes I discovered this month.

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1) “Let Me Go” – SAULT

Let’s kick this off with that bass, I hope it shakes you and gets you in a groove. The gospel-like singing is great as well. This band seems mysterious with little on Google and no information on their Spotify account, intriguing.

Album: “5” (2019)
Label: Forever Living Originals

2) “Late Night Feelings” (feat. Lykke Li) – Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson producing the goods again. A terrific track that helped me get through an awful traffic jam earlier in the week. I was howling along. Mark Ronson’s new album “Late Night Feelings” is released on 21 June and I’m sure that’ll be interesting.

Single: “Late Night Feelings (feat. Lykke Li)” (2019)
Label: Mark Ronson

3) “Cloudbusting” – Kate Bush

One of my favourite choruses of all time is Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. This track came on a radio show that was complaining about the Jeremy Kyle Show that was recently taken off the air. It was a bizarre and awkward radio show but this track brilliantly let me forget about it for a few minutes. Apparently, it’s about a mad guy who made a machine to remove clouds and somehow got locked up. The narrative from the song is the loss of a father from the son’s perspective – deep.

Album: “Hounds Of Love” (1985)
Label: Noble And Brite

4) “Sleepy Eyes” – Eerie Wanda

Sounds like the beginning of the Elvis Presley song Jailhouse Rock, but it gets into its own and is a corker. The album was made using minimal recording techniques and that makes it even more impressive.

Album: “Pet Town” (2019)
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

5) “Africa” – Seba Kaapstad

This project has been going on since 2016 and it sounds like a great initiative. It involved a German studying in South Africa getting into the music scene, and upon completing his studies, the project was brought back to Germany where they have recently released the album “Thina”.

Single: “Africa” (2019)
Label: Mello Music Group

6) “Come Home” (feat. André 3000) – Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak’s Ventura album is great, especially after the quick turnaround from Oxnard. The rap at the end by André 3000 really elevates the track and proves Anderson .Paak is terrific at getting featured artists onboard and using them wisely.

Album: “Ventura” (2019)
Label: Aftermath Entertainment

7) “Firesmoke” – Kate Tempest

An absolute stormer from Kate. She has a new album out next month and the quality is going to be extremely high following her recent releases. The poetic, powerful quality she instills through her lyrics is excellent.

Album: “Firesmoke” (2019)
Label: Republic Records

8) “Hello Stranger” – Bamily

Not too keen on the weird mumbled bits in the background at the start, but a good, fun song nevertheless.

Single: “Hello Stranger” (2019)
Label: Bamily

9) “Bunk” – Grand Pax

About the darker aspects of herself and how it can be destructive. You can tell as the song moves along.

Single: “Bunk” (2019)
Label: Blue Flowers Music

10) “Bird’s Lament” – 2019 Stereo Mix – Moondog

Moondog was a musician and composer, blind from the age of 16. He often wandered around New York wearing a cloak and horned helmet, selling music or standing silently.

Album: “An Introduction to Moondog” (2019)
Label: Moondog International

11) “Tonight” – Little People

Funky, groovy beats from this Anglo-Swiss guy. This appeared on his album “Landloper” released in January. His upbringing in the Swiss Alps was influenced by a Radio DJ who had his finger on the pulse with the up and coming music scene in New York.

Album: “Landloper” (2019)
Label: Future Archive Recording

12) “April Brave” – Loah, Bantum

The build-up and chorus are brilliant. The back-and-forth singing at the end is a particular highlight.

Single: “April Brave” (2019)
Label: Sad Banger Records

13) “Old Bone” – Jim-E Stack Remix – Wet

I like the odd sounding singing and straight to the point lyrics. I haven’t heard the original but I really enjoy this remix.

Album: “Old Bone (Jim-E Stack Remix)” (2019)
Label: Columbia Records

14) “Run for Me” – Sebastian, Gallant

A really disorientating Spotify music clip – worth having a look at – unless you suffer with motion sickness!

Album: “Thirst” (2019)
Label: Ed Banger

15) “Cellophane” – FKA twigs


Single: “Cellophane” (2019)
Label: Young Turks Recordings