Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 10


16 songs, 1 hr 7 min, 11 min reading time.

Had a bit of fun with this playlist – hope it comes across that way!

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1) “The Night” – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

So it was my sister’s birthday earlier in the month and on the way to the restaurant this golden oldie was on the radio. What a feel good tune, it can’t help but put a smile on your face. Thanks to the Northern Soul circuit this song became popular in the UK in the mid-1970s – it did have a prior release but poor marketing meant Northern Soul had to prove to everyone it was a tune a few years later.

Album: “The Motown Years” (2008)
Label: Motown Records

2) “Respair” – Tiny Leaves

This is beautiful. On Tiny Leaves’ bandcamp he explains he found this old word on a twitter feed that “means fresh hope and a recovery from despair.”

Single: “Respair” (2019)
Label: Pegdoll

3) “Between The Lines” – Robyn

Big up Jo Whiley for playing this early last week on her radio show. Also shout-out to Alfie as I know he’s a big fan of Robyn but I don’t think he had shown me this song yet (is this true Alf?!). She’s playing festivals on the circuit this summer so I hope her live show is able to do something fun with this.

Album: “Honey” (2018)
Label: Konichiwa Records

4) “Borderline” – Tame Impala

To be honest I was beginning to think Tame Impala were sounding samey with their other new release Patience. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my Discover Weekly forced this on me; it’s groovy, has a cool chorus, and the warbling, mumbling, you-have-no-idea-what-he’s-saying Kevin Parker singing all works really well.

Album: “The Slow Rush” (2020)
Label: Modular Recordings

5) “Tried” – BADBADNOTGOOD, Little Dragon

I am a big fan of Little Dragon and was a bit disappointed in myself that I let this track from 2018 slip through. As Frances showed earlier in the month, quite a few RunPip contributors are fans of BBNG, with a few of us even attending their Camden Roundhouse November 2017 gig and arguably getting a little bit too silly for the vibes (yes we were trying to sing along to songs that didn’t have lyrics).

Single: “Tried (BADBADNOTGOOD X Little Dragon)” (2018)
Label: Ninja Tune

6) “Love Crimes” – Hayden Thorpe

I wasn’t sure if I would ever truly get over the Wild Beasts split-up in late 2017. But the latest releases from the lead singer Hayden Thorpe, now doing his own material, has helped me. The funny, Kate Bush-esque singing is something I am glad is back in my life and what I wish I sound like when I do my silly singing, maybe I do (although I’m sure many can beg to differ).

Single: “Love Crimes” (2019)
Label: Domino Recording

7) “Boasty (feat. Idris Elba) – Conducta Remix” – Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul

I bet you’ve been waiting for ages to hear Idris Elba say “remix, ting” over and over, haven’t you? Yeah, I know me too! Well here you go, a little bit of a banger. I’m still deciding whether his rap is awful or a work of genius, as I’m still thinking about it I will settle on the latter. Hope you had a good wedding Idris! (Is that something you say to people after they’ve had a wedding?)

Single: “Boasty (feat. Idris Elba) [Conducta Remix]” (2019)
Label: Wiley

8) “I <3 U SO (Orchestral Version)” – Cassius, Orchestre Lamoureux, Thomas Roussel

Cassius are two cool French DJs. I<3 U SO is a great tune in its own right so check it out! This orchestral version by Thomas Roussel is a masterpiece, powerful with great ambience and build-up.

Album: “Ed Banger 15” (2018)
Label: Ed Banger Records

9) “Mundian to Bach Ke” – Panjabi MC

Okay so I was watching the Great British Menu (no not Bake-Off) on the BBC with my family, what a show it is, and a mad Scottish chef tried to recreate Punjabi music in his dessert for a banquet on music. He based it on this track from 2003 and it’s one of those songs I knew as a kid and was happy it came on at this point for nostalgia and the fact I could save it to my Spotify songs. My dad is also adamant the base line is copied from the Knight Rider Theme*, decide for yourself:

Album: “The Album” (2003)
Label: Dharma Records

*and after just checking Wikipedia he is right!

10) “First Of The Tide” – Erland Cooper, Benge

Just a nice, easy listening tune. Turn it up a bit as it is a bit quiet but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Album: “Sule Skerry” (2019)
Label: Phases

11) “ruby” – Ben Khan

Ben Khan is a bit hit and miss for me. I loved his track “eden” but hadn’t been that fussed with much of his other work until I found this from his 2018 self-titled album, and to be honest I don’t really have a clue what it’s about. The only thing that comes to mind when he says “ruby” is Ruby Murray being Cockney Rhyming Slang for curry so maybe that’s what it’s about?

Album: “Ben Khan” (2018)
Label: Dirty Hit

12) “Something In The Water – Instrumental” – Harvey Sutherland

Silly, upbeat, repetitive and a fun listen.

Single: “Something In The Water” (2019)
Label: Clarity Recordings

13) “Gold” – Dexter Story, Sudan Archives

Dexter Story sounds like he has got some stories to tell, he’s worked with a host of people to make some great music. His latest album Bahir is African-influenced and this track has brilliant vocals from Sudan Archives.

Album: “Bahir” (2019)
Label: Soundway Records

14) “Mulago” – Alfa Mist

Shout-out to Alfie and his dad for putting me onto Alfa Mist following Alfie’s last playlist. This track is from Alfa Mist’s April 26 released album Structuralism and is a corker. Brilliant use of samples and perfectly weighted throughout, it feels like it is telling a story.

Single: “Mulago” (2019)
Label: Sekito

15) “IN GRAVITAS” – Apparat

Apparat has already appeared in my eighth discovery playlist with DAWAN which back then was a single. Since then he has released LP5 a terrific album worth your time with a lot of shouty titles in capital letters. But don’t let that fool you, a lot of it is delicate and very intelligent and this is a fine example of that, it hits you where you least expect it and the words spoken at the end are eye-opening.

Album: “LP5” (2019)
Label: Sascha Ring

16) “Pretty In Plums” – Shida Shahabi

Stockholm-based Shida Shahabi released a very interesting album called Homes in 2018. It is full of brilliant tunes like this and I just have a feeling she is going to do something like Jon Hopkins does by keep on releasing brilliant tracks and albums and being very humble about it. So keep an eye out for her name.

Album: “Homes” (2018)
Label: 130701