Jake’s Mini Mix 1


40 min listening time. Jake put together his first mix on 17 March now available below.


I’ve been messing around with Rekordbox and the Pioneer entry-level DDJ-400 controller for a few months now and been reading about and watching videos on how to mix, beat-match and transition between songs. What I did find is DJing is a lot more formulaic than you think e.g. it’s quite often about choosing songs that are compatible in the harmony of fifths that are +/- 10% of the BPM of the current song and every now and then doing some fancy transition changes to mix up tempo/genre.

So for my first attempt I thought I’d forget the rules and just choose a selection of songs I had been listening to recently and try my best to put them together regardless of their BPM or what key they were recorded in. It is a bit amateurish as a result – part of the reason I didn’t release it when recorded, but after mulling it over I thought it could be good to look back on in future years as a learning curve type thing.

The stress of keeping my eye on the timing feature and trying to beat match is obvious as there are moments that go on too long and are a bit repetitive, but at least I know how live recording feels and hopefully will have a better attempt next time.

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