Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 7


13 songs, 56 min, 5 min reading time.

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1) “Before I Move Off” – Mount Kimbie

After researching Mount Kimbie for my recent Podcast, I came across a review that claimed their tracks pre-2013 were just background party vibes, if that reviewer was going to parties where stuff like this was playing in 2010 I want to know where they were hanging out. This is intricate, delicate and can be listened to over and over.

Album: “Crooks & Lovers” (2010)
Label: Hotflush Recordings

2) “Exits” – Edit – Foals

Having been a huge fan of Foals when I was 13 with the brilliant Total Life Forever album and Antidotes before that, I didn’t really enjoy their stuff following this but this was a pleasant surprise when Yannis was on Jo Wiley earlier in the week. I thought he came across mature and more outgoing than previous media outings and I was pleased to really like a tune of theirs again.

Single: “Exits” (2019)
Label: Foals

3) “Millionaire” – Kelis, AndrĂ© 3000

After opening my Shazam and going through the songs on there, I remembered this from NYE celebrations. A really fun uplifting tune.

Album: “Tasty” (2003)
Label: Arista Records

4) “Emerald Rush” – Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins’ Singularity album is a joy to listen to front to back and one of the best albums I have heard in a while. This is one of the many highlights from that, forever regretting not going to see him at his curated Fabric set on 21 December.

Album: “Singularity” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

5) “Strange Is Better” – CHINNAH

A sad song but with an interesting monotony throughout.

Album: “ANYONE” (2018)
Label: No3

6) “Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)” – Maribou State

This is a joy. A great song that keeps you hooked. Apparently these guys met in Koko in Camden and have been friends since, I’ve always been disappointed by Koko for a club night but maybe I should go there more if chance meetings like this happen.

Album: “Kingdoms In Colour” (2018)
Label: Counter Records

7) “Woman is a Word” – Empress Of

One of my favourite pop songs in a while with some really heavy hitting lyrics that matter. Well worth your time.

Single: “Woman Is a Word” (2016)
Label: Terrible Records

8) “Uncle Blue” – Leifur James

A Louder Silence is a brilliant jazzy album to play in the background and really get into, this is one of my favourites from that.

Album: “A Louder Silence” (2018)
Label: Night Time Stories

9) “Power” – Roc Marciano

Really cool sampling with a great narrative over the top. That gorgeous sample is “Love Hides All Faults” by The Holy Light Jr.s (1974).

Album: “RR2: The Bitter Dose” (2018)
Label: Marci Enterprises

10) “Just Like My” – HOMESHAKE

Another artist resorting to capital letters, but this one can be forgiven as the whiny nature of the song is quite interesting with a cool synth layout.

Single: “Just Like My” (2019)
Label: Sinderlyn

11) “Paciencia – Edit” – Phillipi & Rodrigo

Cool use of Sitar sounds, whether with the real instrument or computer generated I don’t know, but either way, it’s been layered to great effect.

Single: “Paciencia – Edit” (2018)

12) “A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life” – The Cinematic Orchestra, Roots Manuva

An unexpected collaboration but boy is it a good one.

Single: “A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life” (2019)
Label: Ninja Tune

13) “Design” – Julien Dyne

I’ve liked Julien Dyne ever since I found his tune Hours and although this isn’t up there with that, I’ve included it for the cool jazzy section at the end.

Album: “Teal” (2018)
Label: Soundway Records

14) “Come Inside (KAYTRANADA Edit)” – Lou Phelps, KAYTRANADA, Jazz Cartier

Anyone that enlightens me that custard rhymes with mustard deserves a spot on these lists. Kaytranada proving once again why he’s one of the best people to alter tracks and add his fresh sound.

Album: “002 / LOVE ME” (2018)
Label: Last Gang Records