Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 6


20 songs, 1 hr 33 min, 6 min reading time.

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1) “Cheers (feat. Q Tip)” – Anderson .Paak

From his excellent album Oxnard, this really cool jazzy R’n’B track is a delight.

Album: “Oxnard” (2018)
Label: Aftermath Entertainment

2) “Still D.R.E.” – Sly5thAve

Fantastic jazz rendition of Dr. Dre’s brilliant track. The whole album The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre is well worth your time.

Album: “The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre” (2017)
Label: Tru Thoughts

3) “Bonus Track – Swnerve” – Cid Rim and Petite Noir

A gem of a tune with fantastic accompanying singing from Petite Noir.

Album: “Material” (2017)
Label: LuckyMe

4) “Candid” – Kllo

Intricate poppy effort that drifts along effortlessly.

Single: “Candid” (2018)
Label: Ghostly International

5) “Otis” – The Durutti Column

Brilliant track from the late 80s with a great guitar riff throughout.

Album: “Vini Reilly” (1989)
Label: London Music Stream

6) “Feeling Free” – Laurence Guy Remix – LEISURE

Modest but brilliant dance track.

Single: “Feeling Free (Laurence Guy Remix)” (2018)


Brilliant new release from Kaytranada.


8) “Say, Can You Hear” – Men I Trust

Cool, rocky tune with intriguing lead vocals.

Single: “Say, Can You Hear” (2018)
Label: Independent

9) “The Crave (feat. Napoleon Maddox)” – Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez

Interesting piano that works the song along.

Album: “Navettes” (2016)
Label: Mostla / Musique Large

10) “Drown” – Mk.Gee

Two brilliant albums from Mk.Gee in one year proving he has great output. This tune has a fantastic chorus.

Album: “Fool” (2018)
Label: Orchard Ears

11) “November” – Babeheaven

Went through a poppy stage this month and this is one of the great outcomes from that.

Single: “November” (2018)
Label: Babeheaven

12) “Hearts Beating in Sync” – Acoustic – VRWRK

These guys recently took to Cornwall to record some acoustic releases of their tunes and this is a great piece still showing the importance of acoustic instruments.

Single: “Hearts Beating in Sync (Acoustic)” (2018)
Label: Run Tell Secrecy

13) “The Walker – Recorded at RAK Studios, London” – Christine & The Queens

Cool live rendition proving Spotify are killing it with their live pieces and highlighting Christine & The Queens have had a great year.

Single: “Spotify Singles” (2018)
Label: Because Music

14) “thank u, next” – Arianna Grande

Mainstream pop done in a brilliant way. Catchy, interesting and you want to listen to over and over.

Single: “thank u, next” (2018)
Label: Republic Records

15) “Didn’t I (Florent F Rework)” – Darondo

Shorter, easier to listen to version that highlights the really nice strings lick.

EP: “Didn’t I – EP” (2014)
Label: Ubiquity Recordings

16) “Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)” – Maribou State

I heard remixes of the track before finally checking the original. This is really nice, easy listening.

Album: “Kingdoms In Colour” (2018)
Label: Counter Records

17) “Luminous Beings” – Jon Hopkins

In homage to his outstanding Fabric night on 21 December where he played out his set with this song to fantastic applause from the crowd. What an album also, a highlight of 2018.

Album: “Singularity” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

18) “Smile” – Sampology

Groovy and playful, leaving you with a smile on your face while listening. Pure joy.

Single: “Smile” (2018)
Label: Middle Name Records

19) “Everything Apart” – Foxwarren

Pulsating song where the beat drags you along. Accenting on the lyrics accompanies the rhythm and beat perfectly.

Album: “Foxwarren” (2018)
Label: Foxwarren

20) “Minata Waraba – Sampha Remix” – Oumou SangarĂ©

During The Beast of The East earlier in the year I couldn’t stop listening to Djoukourou – Auntie Flo Remix by Oumou SangarĂ©. Although this isn’t on the same level for me I still really like the African singing on this song and the way Sampha takes it.

Album: “Mogoya Remixed” (2018)
Label: No Format!