Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 5

18 songs, 1 hr 28 min, 6 min reading time.

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1) “Truth” – Kamasi Washington

First up: this lovely 2017 number from Kamasi Washington. A long jazz piece but well worth sticking through until the end.

Album: “Harmony of Difference” (2017)
Label: Dom Chi No

2) “Textbook Love” – Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes have recently released a lot of previously unheard recordings from 2006-2009 and they are well worth a listen. This takes me back to being 13/14 when I listened to them all the time. I like the rocky tone this one takes and personally would like to see them do more like this.

Album: “First Collection: 2006-2009” (2018)
Label: Fleet Foxes

3) “Made to Stray” – Mount Kimbie

Bit of a cheat on this one, discovered earlier in the year, but this is in homage to their fantastic Printworks curated set on November 17 – I had a blast and my love for Mount Kimbie is growing even more.

Album: “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” (2013)
Label: Warp Records

4) “Surrender (feat. Lcio)” – Portable

Melancholic and sad but glides along nicely.

Single: “Surrender” (2014)
Label: Live at Robert Johnson

5) “Yo Mae Leh” – Invisible Minds

Another tune with indescribable sounds; but this is captivating and holds your attention in a great way. I can’t stop playing it.

Single: “Yo Mae Leh” (2017)
Label: Moshi Moshi Records

6) “Tieduprightnow” – Parcels

Bit late to jump on the Parcels hype but this is a great poppy, upbeat tune.

Album: “Parcels” (2018)
Label: Kitsuné Musique

7) “Burst (Calibre Remix)” – Spectrasoul, Dan Moss

Again in homage to a brilliant gig, this time Calibre and DRS at Phonox on 15 November, it had a great atmosphere and was a fantastic club night, this song captures the vibes.

Single: “How We Live (Remixes)” (2018)
Label: Ish Chat Music

8) “Moon” – Kid Francescoli

A breathtaking atmospheric track.

Album: “Play Me Again” (2017)
Label: Yotanka

9) “Uptown Folks” – DOPE LEMON

After loving DOPE LEMON’s tracks “Marinade” and “Home Soon”, I delved deeper into his backlog earlier this month and this track stood out.

Album: “Honey Bones” (2016)
Label: Dope Lemon

10) “Passionfruit” – Benny Sings

Not another Passionfruit cover I hear you cry, yeah I know. However Benny Sings makes it a poppy beat with rhythm.

Single: “Passionfruit” (2018)
Label: Stones Throw Records

11) “You Feel Me (Utterly Amazing) (Madou Remix)” – VRWRK

VRWRK are on a roll. This Madou remix elevates the original into a great dance track that deserves to be played in nightclubs.

Single: “You Feel Me (Utterly Amazing) (Madou Remix)” (2018)
Label: Lekker

12) “Neighbourhood” – WhoMadeWho

I like how the lyrics and sounds intertwine and accompany each other. The higher pitch singing and multiple people singing at the same time works.

Album: “Through the Walls” (2018)
Label: WhoMadeWho

12) “Who Is It Gonna B (feat. A.K. Paul)” – Mura Masa

Having tried to get into Mura Masa after the brilliant Love$ick discovery, I was disappointed until I found this.

Album: “Mura Masa” (2017)
Label: Anchor Point Records

13) “6 Summers” – Anderson .Paak

I don’t think there is anyone doing anything as interesting in the rap scene, listen to this, the lyrics and sounds he produces and decide.

Album: “Oxnard” (2018)
Label: Aftermath Entertainment

14) “Started Out” – Georgia

Cool, poppy and synthy.

Single: “Started Out” (2018)
Label: Domino Recording

15) “Nada” – Mellah

Reminds me of something/someone in a good way but I don’t know what.

EP: “Liminality EP” (2017)
Label: Lucky Number Music

16) “Plus One” – Pan Amsterdam

I like the offbeat nature of this song and the unusual yet easy listening lyrics the narrator provides. The serious reference to the Hokey Cokey is impressive.

Album: “The Pocket Watch” (2018)
Label: Def Pressé

17) “Hawk” – Brasstronaut

To be honest just put this in here for the cool trumpet bit at the end, still deciding whether the first 3mins 20seconds is worth listening to or if you should just jump straight to the trumpet part where the song picks up.

Album: “Brasstronaut” (2016)
Label: Hybridity