Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 4

17 songs, 1 hr 14 min, 7 min reading time.

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1) “Trauma” – Model 86

This tune has an interesting use of synth and computerised sound resulting in a cool tune, that has a slightly annoying but interesting squeal (if that’s the right word?!) over the top.

Single: “Trauma” (2018)
Label: Model 86

2) “Toy” – Young Fathers

I haven’t given Young Fathers enough of my time, especially after their Mercury Prize win a few years back, but stumbling across this I was impressed by the aggression and the way the song picks you up, beats you up and then puts you back down.

Album: “Cocoa Sugar” (2018)
Label: Ninja Tune

3) “Breath Hold” – Fellini Félin

I like this for the whistling at the end, some of the best whistling I’ve heard – stay to the end of it to understand.

EP: “Temporary Fiction” (2017)
Label: Délicieuse Records

4) “Tints (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)” – Anderson .Paak

Having been a fan of Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar for a few years now I didn’t realise they had collaborated before but was happy to learn they recently produced this groovy disco sounding piece.

Single: “Tints (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)” (2018)
Label: Aftermath Entertainment

5) “After Midnight” – Skinshape

Music without singing is growing on me more and more and this is another fine example showing you don’t always need lyrics and a singer to produce a great tune.

Single: “After Midnight” (2018)
Label: Lewis Recordings

6) “Whoever You Love, I’m Cool” – JEFFE

First of all I’d like to apologise for not including JEFFE in my previous playlists with the brilliant tune Undecided which I found in August, but she rightly takes her place with this beautiful tune and I think she’s going to explode onto the scene at any moment.

Single: “Whoever You Love, I’m Cool” (2017)
Label: JEFFE

7) “Szikra” – Kornél Kovács

Laidback club tune that keeps me interested and whenever I hear the words “Let’s Get Fucked Up” it just reminds me of all the silly nights of drinking too much alcohol and doing silly things while being young and that memory jogging reminiscence is a good thing.

Single: “Szikra” (2014)
Label: Studio Barnhus

8) “Loosefoot” – Blood Wine or Honey

In all honesty still trying to figure out where I stand on this one. On one hand, I think it sounds like a jumbled mess with too much going on. On the other, I like this chaotic style and the fact it makes me think about this while listening: what art is supposed to do sometimes right?

Album: “Fear & Celebration” (2018)

9) “Wriggle (Mr Jukes Edit)” – Cosmo Sheldrake

I found this in Cologne airport on the way back from a great trip, and after checking the original I still think this edit is superior. It has an interesting jazzy overlay that doesn’t veer too far from the original, enabling the lyrics and overall style to remain.

Single: “Wriggle (Mr Jukes Edit)” (2018)
Label: Transgressive Records

10) “The Cure” – Jadu Heart

I loved Jadu Heart’s song The Love when I discovered it last year and although I don’t think this achieves that height it is still a very good new tune from them.

Single: “The Gloom That Looms” (2018)
Label: VLF Records

11) “Born Into The Sunset (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)” – Temples

Now this is cool, there’s just something about it, it sort of puts you in a good mood and leaves you smiling while also wanting to bust a few moves.

Single: “Born Into The Sunset” (2017)
Label: Heavenly Recordings

12) “I Wish I Could (Feat. Selah Sue)” – TOKiMONSTA

Knowing TOKiMONSTA from her powerful tune Realla featuring Anderson .Paak, I didn’t realise she released a strong album Lune Rouge last year and after finding out about this I will try and go back to listen to all of it.

Album: “Lune Rouge” (2017)

13) “Glide” – Hoodboi, Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza produces a fast-paced beat-pumping rap, reminiscent of GoldLink with the pace she flies through the lyrics.

Album: “Breathing Room” (2018)
Label: Fool’s Gold Records

14) “Happy Ending” – Alex Cameron

Synthy song that reminds me of GENTS song Young Again (good tune) while also having it’s own melancholic feel.

Album: “Jumping The Shark” (2016)
Label: Hostess K.K


Apparently these guys all still have jobs while producing great work like this and doing good club nights, impressive.

Single: “FOOLS” (2018)
Label: Run Tell Secrecy

16) “Le jour du départ” – Petit Prince

The electric guitar threads its way through the song in a vigorous and engaging way.

Single: “Le jour du départ” (2018)
Label: Pain Surprises Records

17) “Heaven Up There” – Palace

Finishing on a long piece, it is worth sticking around for, the song builds up to a crescendo that packs a punch and leaves you thinking.

Single: “Heaven Up There” (2018)
Label: Universal Music Operations