Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 3

23 songs, 1 hr 42 min, 8 min reading time.

Jake has broken the rules with this playlist and gone over the 20 song mark: apparently he couldn’t resist…

*Disclaimer: done on Eurostar back from Paris

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1) “Funeral Singers” – Sylvan Esso

A beautiful folky song that has a layer of sadness while being a fine tune to listen to.

Single: “Funeral Singers” (2018)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings

2) “Sad Desire” – GRMLN

Danger Mouse backed youngster that powers through this song that leaves you pumped.

Album: “Impressions from the Dark” (2018)
Label: Yoodoo Park

3) “Marilyn” – Mount Kimbie

From the excellent Love What Survives album this track is one of my favourites I’ve found this year if not ever and I’m so happy to have found it.

Album: “Love What Survives” (2017)
Label: Warp Records

4) “Love$ick” – Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky

Two of my good friends Charles and Louise helped me to appreciate the brilliance of this tune after a music fuelled nighttime drive from the alps to Geneva. I was too blasé with Mura Masa before but this is outstanding and I will listen to more of his output as a result.

Album: “Mura Masa” (2017)
Label: Anchor Point Records

5) “Some Minds” – Flume, Andrew Wyatt

The lead singer of Miike Snow helps Flume deliver another knockout song; although back from 2015 it is still fresh and exciting today. The build up to the crescendo at the end is something worth waiting for.

Single: “Some Minds” (2015)
Label: Future Classic

6) “Close to Paradise” – Soulwax

Cottoning onto some of Soulwax’s remixes recently I learnt of this song and it reminds me of great art that really needs a listen to understand what I mean. This could be in a fantastic museum playing as you walk around.

Album: “Close to Paradise” (2017)

7) “Drifting” – Maverick Sabre

I hadn’t heard from Maverick Sabre since 2011 but thanks to my Spotify Release Radar I heard this and it brings him right back to prominence in my opinion.

Single: “Drifting” (2018)
Label: FAMM

8) “Be Good” – HAAi

HAAi has produced a great tune that drifts along beautifully and smacks you just after halfway, I am excited to hear more of her tracks.

Single: “Be Good” (2017)
Label: Coconut Beats

9) “These Days” – Nico

Flume’s Spotify Playlist introduced me to this and I am glad it did, this excellent classic tune deserves to be listened to again and again.

Album: “Chelsea Girl” (1967)
Label: Universal Records

10) “Golden Wings (Chamber Arrangement)” – Gabriel Garzón Montano

A contemporary tune made to sound like a classic with great use of a big band. Super smooth.

Single: “Golden Wings (Chamber Arrangement)” (2018)
Label: Stones Throw Records

11) “It Takes Time To Be A Man” – The Rapture

Knowing The Rapture only for the Misfits Soundtrack (worth watching), I was surprised to learn they did music like this and want to discover more as a result, great laidback indie rock.

Album: “In The Grace Of Your Love” (2011)
Label: DFA Records

12) “Love” – Mica Levi

Although I thought Under The Skin was an awful film and no where near Jonathan Glazer’s magnificent Sexy Beast this atmospheric triumph from the film is worth tuning into.

Album: “Under The Skin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” (2014)
Label: Rough Trade Records

13) “Lately” – POLIÇA

I don’t know if this is a band or a single artist but the singer along with the synth are used to great effect.

Album: “United Crushers” (2016)
Label: Memphis Industries

14) “Changes” – Antonio Williams, Kerry McCoy

A big hitter of a song that leaves you thinking.

Single: “25th Street Sessions” (2016)
Label: Ghost Ramp

15) “Wide Awake” – Parquet Courts

An old sounding modern song with great use of instruments in a rock jazz infused way.

Album: “Wide Awake!” (2018)
Label: Rough Trade Records

16) “Midnight in Peckham” – Chaos In The CBD

A beat pumping saxophone driven tune perfect for laidback listening.

Single: “Midnight in Peckham” (2015)
Label: Rhythm Section International

17) “Cheeky Kids” – Marlin’s Dreaming

One of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a while pops up in this.

Album: “Lizard Tears” (2017)
Label: Marlin’s Dreaming

18) “Holding it Down” – Low Island

Repetitive lyrics and vibes that are anything but repetitive when listened to.

EP: “In This Room” (2017)
Label: Low Island

19) “Clear” – Matty

Reminds me of Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev which is no small feat.

Single: “Clear” (2018)
Label: Matty

20) “Bus Stop” – Graham Coxon

Great rocky tune from the equally good End of the Fucking World tv show.

Album: “The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score)” (2018)
Label: Graham Coxon

21) “Four Years and One Day” – Mount Kimbie

Have I said how good the album Love What Survives is?

Album: “Love What Survives” (2017)
Label: Warp Records

22) “Secret in the Dark (Juan Maclean Remix)” – Monika

Funky disco with attitude.

Single: “Secret in the Dark (Juan Maclean Remix)” (2016)
Label: Other Music Recording

23) “All One” – The Motion Orchestra

An astonishing classical piece and I want to discover more orchestral pieces after this knock-out.

Single: “All One” (2018)
Label: Bathurst