Jake’s Monthly Discoveries 2


16 songs, 1hr 9 min, 10 min reading time.

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1) “Fork in the Path” – Life on PlanetsDavid Marston & Dan Izco Remix

Top spot this week is this delicately put together remix of a song I believed couldn’t have reached this level. It is nothing short of a masterpiece and the way the lyrics are layered over the multiple sounds is something special.

Album: “A Public Affair (Remixes)” (2015)
Label: Double Standard Records

2) “Bonfires” – Elder Island

I only found out about this Bristol trio at the beginning of the month and boy am I glad I finally found them. Fresh, innovative sounds that you can chill and dance to.

Single: “Bonfires” (2017)
Label: Elder Island

3) “Something Pretty” – Chidi Himself

Only released in late July and the only track by this artist currently on Spotify but what an entrance to make. It glides along in a relaxed manner but giving emphasis when needed, and although the latter end of the song isn’t my favourite the majority of it is great.

Single: “Something Pretty” (2018)
Label: Chidi Himself

4) “Afraid to be King” – Joel Culpepper

Not only does this gentleman have a great surname (unsure if stage name or not), he has a beautiful soulful sound in this track and is performing at the Jazz Cafe in Camden in late September which I’m sure if you dig this you’ll have a good time.

Album: “Tortoise” (2017)
Label: Reconstruct Music Recordings

5) “Fever” – Gilligan Moss

For the beady eye amongst you Gilligan Moss featured in my last playlist on a remix that packed punch. Earlier this month I stumbled across this tune made by him and subsequently released on an EP at the end of August. It has a great beat and fantastic use of synths to head bop along to.

Single: “Fever” (2018)
Label: AMF/ Virgin EMI

6) “The Big Unknown” – Elder Island

So Elder Island made it on to the same playlist twice, potentially boring I know, but after finding Bonfires earlier this month it led me to this mellow tune with some great lyrics.

EP: “Elder Island” (2014)
Label: Elder Island / Four Thieves Records

7) “Full Circle” – George FitzGeraldBonobo Remix

I knew of George FitzGerald following some of his earlier hits and had never rated Bonobo as highly as others had but this remix is beginning to change my mind. It sounds fresh and elevates the original song.

Single: “Full Circle (Bonobo Remix)” (2014)
Label: Domino Recording

8) “Real Cool” – Noire

Beach House kind of vibes for cool easy listening.

Album: “Some Kind Of Blue” (2017)
Label: Noire

9) “Cherry” – Jungle

Bit of a cheat here as I had heard this originally when I saw Jungle live in May however this tune was only released in August and captures that effortless vibe they manage to on every track.

Single: “Cherry” (2018)
Label: XL Recordings

10) “Mainland” – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Josh led me on to this Australian Group and their debut album is great with this being an upbeat rocky highlight of mine.

Album: “Hope Downs” (2018)
Label: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

11) “Sofa” – Collard

This track captures a rough time of someone experiencing another person they know who has overdosed; the lyrics ring in your ears.

Single: “Sofa” (2017)
Label: Collard

12) “South Seas” – Ménage à trois

The type of pop I like, good beat and rhythm with easy and simple lyrics.

Single: “South Seas” (2016)
Label: Cracki Recordings

13) “I’ll Be There” – Crooked Colours

I really liked their track Flow when I found it last year, this doesn’t quite match it for me but is still a good listen and gets you grooving when the build up is over.

Single: “I’ll Be There” (2018)
Label: Sweat It Out

14) “Please (Mahogany Sessions)” – Rhye

This Spotify Session of Rhye who I’ve been listening to for the past few months is beautiful and laidback packed with emotion.

Album: “Softly / Please (Mahogany Sessions)” (2018)
Label: Mahogany Sessions

15) “Ima Give Em” – POLOSHIRT, Nasty Mars

Jazzy R’n’B track with a good feature from Nasty Mars. Will be interesting to see where both artists go from here.

Album: “POLOSHIRT” (2018)
Label: Sweat It Out

16) “Love Like This” – Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

A bit of fun to end the Playlist: a fantastic Steel Band cover of the Faith Evans original.

Album: “55” (2016)
Label: Big Crown Records