Inspiration for My Newest Novel, The Sight of Love

8 songs 32 min, 4 min reading time.

I write novels but have a playlist for each one to help motivate and inspire me. These were songs on my playlist for my newest novel The Sight of Love.

Author: Kyle Shoop

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1) “Peace” – O.A.R.

This was a seminal song for me during the period of writing this novel. The end where the backup chorus comes in is just majestic and inspiring through lyrics which seek a foundation through the whirlpool of life. That’s at the heart of my story. As things happen to my main character, Ethan, which are out of his control, he seeks something inspiring to hold on to. The feeling and lyrics fit the story perfectly.

Album: “XX” (2016)
Label: Black Rock Recorded Music

2) “Not Today” – Imagine Dragons

My novel’s main character, Ethan, struggles with a very real adversity that casts a shadow on his passions and daily life. I would imagine Ethan singing this chorus “It’s got to get easier somehow” as he searches for answers and seeks out some sort of light for him to walk towards.

Album: “Me Before You (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” (2016)
Label: Interscope Records

3) “Fix You” – Coldplay

This is a very well-known song about healing. The song fit the feeling and purpose of my story perfectly, and the emotions evoked from its message was a motivation for the way I wanted love to be the primary inspiration and driving force in my novel. “Fix You” doesn’t talk about the singer fixing himself- he’s fixing someone else. That takes a selfishness which is paramount to my story.

Album: “X&Y” (2005)
Label: Parlophone Records

4) “Goodbye” – Secondhand Serenade

Such a powerful and moving song. It’ll always get me in the mood for writing any story that is also powerfully moving.

Album: “A Naked Twist in My Story” (2012)
Label: Secondhand Serenade

5) “Hero” – Family of the Year

This one is interesting. The song comes from the movie Boyhood, which was a movie that followed the main character from boyhood through adulthood. My novel has the same story structure – it follows Ethan from being a young boy through when he’s older, and you see the effect of love at all stages of his life. I’d never written a book with this type of story structure, so this song would get me in the right frame of mind.

Album: “Loma Vista” (2012)
Label: FOTY

6) “Heart Beat Here” – Dashboard Confessional

Just as with some of the others, this song’s message resonated with the purpose of the new novel. It’s about healing and the importance of selfless love. This is a beautiful song which underscores those same themes.

Album: “Crooked Shadows” (2018)
Label: Dashboard Confessional

7) “Dusk and Summer – Re-Record / Original Lyrics” – Dashboard Confessional

The end of this re-record is magical. Enough said.

Album: “Dusk and Summer (Now Is Then Is Now)” (2019)
Label: Dashboard Confessional

8) “Autumn Leaves” – The Goo Goo Dolls

Just a beautiful – poem, really – about the changing tides of life. One of my favorite songs off the new amazing Goo Goo Dolls album.

Album: “Miracle Pill” (2019)
Label: Warner Records