Greystones Xmas 2018


12 songs, 53 min, 3 min reading time.

Last minute Christmas playlist submitted by guest Greystones, please see the accompanying notes below!

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1) “Don’t Sweat The Technique” – Eric B. & Rakim

My son introduced me to this as part of his campaign to educate me in hip hop. I reintroduced it to him in the kitchen on Christmas Eve. Seemed to go down okay.

Album: “Gold” (2005)
Label: Universal Music Enterprises

2) “Mace Windu Riddim” – Ezra Collective

Simply the best track of the year. Intelligent, simultaneously modern and retro and so funky. It helps that the band are consummate musicians. I would urge anyone to see them live if at all possible  – awesome! Failing that, dancing in the kitchen also works for this one.

Album: “Samuel L Riddim” (2018)
Label: Enter The Jungle Records

3) “5 dollars” – Christine & The Queens

Lovely quality pop . Moving lyrics. Cool dancing too. What’s not to like?

Album: “Chris” (2018)
Label: Because Music

4) “So Far to Go” – J Dilla

Just gorgeous.

Album: “The Shining – the 10th Anniversary Collection” (2016)
Label: BBE Music

5) “1 Thing”- Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Apparently it’s a pop cover… I hope it makes you grin and jump around like it does me.

Single: “1 Thing” (2018)
Label: Big Crown Records

6) “Steve Biko (Stir It Up)” – A Tribe Called Quest

Another part of aforementioned hip hop education programme. Let’s call it a work in progress…. But I love this track. Fabulous sleezy rhythm.

Album: “Midnight Marauders” (1993)
Label: Zomba Recording

7) “Love Is The Message” – Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist

A very classy 2018 track from some very good London jazzers. Quality in every way. Thank you guys.

Single: “Love Is the Message” (2018)
Label: Cashmere Thoughts

8) “Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy” – Terry Allen

Off-piste interlude but I hope you will share it with me. Great musicians, great voice and funny as well?

Compilation: “A Beginners Guide To Classic Country Guitar” (2014)
Label: X5 Music Group

9) “Screens” – Photay

Hard to say why this so brilliant- it just is. Subtle yet impossible not to dance to.

Album: “Onism” (2017)
Label: Astro Nautico

11) “Ratio – Edit” – Floating Points

Ditto basically. I hope everyone else agrees.

Single: “Ratio (Radio Edit)” (2017)
Label: Pluto

12) “Abusey Junction” – KOKOROKO

Another great new London jazz tune. Gorgeous subtle rhythm and lovely guitar.

Compilation: “We out Here” (2018)
Label: Brownswood Recordings

13) “Love Me Like You” – The Magic Numbers

Included this oldie just because it was playing in the pub when my other son bought me a Christmas pint and is therefore a forever treasured seasonal moment.

Album: “The Magic Numbers” (2005)
Label: Parlophone Records

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