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13 songs, 1 hr 1 min, 6 min reading time.

Greystones is back with his second playlist of his recently discovered highlights including a terrific suggestion of serving up a drink to go alongside the tracks!

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1) “New Heights (Visions of Aisha Malik)” – Kamaal Williams, Darkhouse Family

Kamaal Williams – man of many names and projects. This came out quite recently I think. Lovely keyboard soloing and great bass sound.

Single: “New Heights / Snitches Brew” (2019)
Label: Black Focus

2) “Waiting” – Wandering Wires

Saw this young Oxford based band almost by chance earlier this year. A bit of a mixed bag of styles, but that made for a great gig and the singer has a lovely voice. This bosa style number is lovely and sunny.

Album: “Homecoming” (2018)
Label: Wandering Wires

3) “Terrorize My Heart” – 79.5

Heard on the radio recently, know nothing about it but lovely. Would go well with a sunny late afternoon and Campari and soda in the garden.

Album: “Predictions” (2018)
Label: Big Crown Records

4) “Eclipse at Dawn” – Abdullah Ibrahim

Maybe for fans of melancholic solo piano (see Alfie’s podcast?). Drink suggestion: whisky with ice.

Album: “The Song Is My Story” (2014)
Label: intuition

5) “This Life” – Vampire Weekend

So good to discover this lot are still making new tunes in their inimitable lovely way. With a twist of darkness in the lyrics. Maybe something fizzy and non-alcoholic with this.

Album: “This Life / Unbearably White” (2019)
Label: Spring Snow

6) “Baby Blu” – Nilüfer Yanya

We are back in London here. It’s a classy track.

Album: “Miss Universe” (2019)
Label: ATO Records

7) “Tunnels” – Ishmael Ensemble

They have a new album but I think this is older. From Bristol and I think you can really tell. Lovely mix of Massive Attacky groove with jazzy sax. Maybe a hoppy craft IPA with this!

Album: “Tunnels” (2018)
Label: Severn Songs

8) “Bradbury Street” – Sarah Tandy

Some jazz. Great new album from this young pianist and excellent supporting band. Nice propulsive drumming from Femi (leader of Ezra Collective).

Album: “Infection in the Sentence” (2019)
Label: Jazz re:freshed

9) “You Can’t Steal My Joy” – Ezra Collective

Speaking of which, the Ezra’s have also just released a new album. Hard to choose just one track. Hope you enjoy this one. Gin & tonic?

Album: “You Can’t Steal My Joy” (2019)
Label: Enter The Jungle

10) “Valleys” – Nerija

I think this is fabulous. Beautiful little tune then changes halfway through into sort of South African township jive with excellent trombone soloing. (Is anyone else old enough to remember the “World Music” radio shows of Andy Kershaw and Charlie Gillet in the 80’s and 90’s? Just saying- Malathini & the Mahotella Queens! Oh the nostalgia!) Restrained but full of subtle energy. The band are young Londoners. How do they do it? You don’t need a drink with this one, it is bottled joy!

Album: “NÉRIJA EP” (2016)
Label: Domino Recording

11) “Blue Boss” – Sampa The Great

My son put me on to this. I love that it sounds so different to anything else. Zambia via Australia apparently.

Single: “Blue Boss” (2016)
Label: Sampa The Great

12) “Doona” – Les Amazones d’Afrique

Stumbled on this cracking new track from West African “supergroup”. Very funky rhythm, amazing voices and great overall sort of “soundscape”(music producers probably have a proper word for it!).

Album: “République Amazone” (2017)
Label: Real World Records

13) Source – Nubya Garcia

Had to include something featuring this great saxophonist. Had the privilege to see her live recently with my son. One of my all-time best gigs. Lager from a can standing near the front!

Single: “When We Are” (2018)
Label: Nyasha Records

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