George’s Countdown to Spring


11 songs, 42 min, 5 min reading time.

A playlist to get you through to the 20th March and that spring time light! 

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1) “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms” – Let’s Eat Grandma

On paper this should not work: two 16 year old’s making a 6 minute track about shiitake mushrooms that includes a xylophone intro and rap verse but it comes together magnificently in a psychedelic haze of pop sensibility.

Album: “I, Gemini” (2016)
Label: Let’s Eat Grandma

2) “Not So Bad in LA – Analog Version” – Allie X

I was on a road trip with some friends to Nottingham the first time I heard this; the Lana Del Rey esque voice and glittering synth production were what first caught my attention, but on 2nd and 3rd listen the highlight is Allie X’s lyrics laced with sarcasm at the state of LA.

Album: “Super Sunset (Analog)” (2019)
Label: Twin Music

3) “Home By Now” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Just when I thought I had Bombay Bicycle Club penned away as a Mumford and Sons lookalike I heard this and the blend of genres makes it a superb track.

Album: “So Long, See You Tomorrow” (2014)
Label: Universal Island Records

4) “Sleep That Burns” – Be Bop Deluxe

The opening guitar licks are incredible and the rest of the track is pretty great too.

Album: “Sunburst Finish (Remastered & Expanded)” (1976)
Label: Esoteric Recordings

5) “Victoria Falls”- Flyte

First heard this in the background of a game of Dobble with friends and it really stood out to me. A great chilled out tune with a lovely bass riff.

Album: “The Loved Ones” (2017)
Label: Flyte

6) “I Still Need It” – Novacub

Having always been fond of Bloc Party, particularly the guitar work of Russel Lissack on their first and second albums, I was delighted to find he’d started the band Novacub. A highly energetic track that owes a lot to the rhythm provided by Louise Bartles’ excellent drumming.

Single: “I Still Need It” (2019)
Label: LAB Records

7) “A Day’s Work For The Dayo’s Done” – China Crisis

Excellent musicianship coupled with astute lyrics and that classic eighties feel.

Album: “What Price Paradise” (1986)
Label: Virgin Records

8) “May I Have This Dance (Remix) (feat. Chance The Rapper)” – Francis and the Lights

One of the few songs that sound even better with the music video. A great feel good track.

Single: “May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance the Rapper]” (2017)
Label: KTTF / GOOD

9) “Distant (feat. Bzkt)” – Kamandi

Kamandi’s eerie and hazy production provides a great template for Bzkt’s mournful verses.

Single: “Distant (feat. Bzkt)” (2017)
Label: Kamandi

10) “You Made Me” – Dev09

I have no idea how this isn’t massive.  Easily the most underated artist and song I have heard, probably ever! Dev09 has charisma for days, a smooth flow and an excellent ear for melody.

Single: “You Made Me – Single” (2015)
Label: Farnham & Sons

11) “Distrust” – Lunice, Denzel Curry, J.K. The Reaper, Nell

Lunice absolutely gets the best out of the group of artists he assembles around an ever evolving beat.

Single: “Distrust” (2017)
Label: LuckyMe