Friday Albums and Livestreams 7



1) “Blackberry” – Peter Broderick

Starting off slightly light-hearted but ultimately dealing with more serious themes, “Blackberry” was a surprise release from singer-songwriter Peter Broderick in August 2020. Recorded in his home in London during the summer of 2019, “Blackberry” is Broderick’s first vocal, solo album in five years. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly album in concept and execution. The album title itself is a celebration of foraging:

Broderick says: “It is with all seriousness and great reverence that this album is named Blackberry. In a time when us humans are coming face to face with the impact of our actions on the environment at large, I strongly advocate for engaging with our local landscapes. When I first became obsessed with foraging edible wild plants a few years back, I wasn’t particularly excited about the humble blackberry, but I would soon return with great passion to this familiar fruit of my youth. Even in our most urban environments, the gnarled and resilient blackberry vines continue to weave themselves throughout, as if to keep reminding us where we come from.”

Label: Erased Tapes Records

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2) “Cover Two” – Joan As Police Woman

Joan Wasser, aka Joan As Police Woman, unveils her second set of covers 11 years after the first, with soulful reinterpretations of the songs below. So often a cover isn’t different enough but Joan As Police Woman has torn these songs apart and reassembled them to make these her own versions. You almost forget it’s a cover album at points until a memorable lyric hits you. 

1. Kiss (Prince)
2. Spread (Outkast)
3. Under Control (The Strokes)
4. Not The Way (Cass McCombs)
5. Keep Forgetting (Michael Macdonald)
6. Life’s What You Make It (Talk Talk)
7. Out of Time (Blur)
8. On The Beach (Neil Young)
9. There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs)
10. Running (Gil Scott-Heron)

Label: Sweet Police

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1) Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall presents “A Little More Liquid”. An exclusive audio-visual performance for Mixcloud presenting brand new music and re-worked favourites performed by Vynehall together with the compelling visual mastery of Eric Timothy Carlson and Aaron Anderson. Collectively they explore and merge their respective audio and visual worlds which will make for interesting viewing. 

Sam will be happy to hear about this one I’m sure. 

Saturday 5 December 9pm GMT (£9.60)

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Lewis Recordings Label Profile

Following last weeks Def Pressé label profile, we have another under the radar label this week, Lewis Recordings.

Founded by Mike Lewis, London based Lewis Recordings is an underground record label. Mike Lewis is considered one of London’s unsung music and community heroes. He has been involved with buying and selling records for decades including a stint at HMV during their prime in the 90s.

The link to Def Pressé goes like this. New York Jazz musician, Leron Thomas, is signed to Lewis Recordings. Pan Amsterdam is signed to Def Pressé. It is believed that Leron Thomas is Pan Amsterdam. Mind blown. This is further supported by them all supporting each others work on social media. 

Another label that appears to be humble, working away on good things in the background. I can’t wait for who they sign next.

Standout artists: Skinshape, DJ Yoda, Leron Thomas

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