Friday Albums and Livestreams 6



1) “Dog Person” – Kean Kavanagh

This is the album that made it this week. Largely due to the 50 second “Inspirational Interlude” where he is just venting and I really appreciated it. A fine fine interlude with a nice sax outro. Some of the songs have a clear Maverick Sabre influence perhaps from the time he has spent supporting him. It’s nice and short coming in under 30 mins so it passes by quickly. It is entirely self-produced and composed by Kean except where fellow Soft Boy Peter Bríen steps in to help on “Sideways” and “EMMA”.

Label: Soft Boy Records

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1) Marika Hackman

During lockdown Marika Hackman chose a few of her favourite songs to make a covers album from. To mark the release of “Covers” today, she has got her band together and will be doing a gig on Noonchorus, link below. 

Friday 13 November 8:30pm GMT

Noonchorus link (£12.50)

2) Ásgeir

We’re all waiting for him to bang out the classic “King and Cross”. At 20 years of age, Ásgeir released the fastest selling debut album in Icelandic history – “Dýrð í dauðaþögn” / “In The Silence”. Since then he’s released two more albums: 2017s “Afterglow” and 2020s “Bury The Moon”. Plenty of material to choose from showing what Iceland have to offer.

Friday 13 November 10pm GMT

Dice link (£15)

3) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Undertow do cool living room shows that only the first 40 people to buy tickets can attend. The idea is the artist performs in their living room while you’re in yours. You can log in early and chat with other fans, but rest assured everything is muted except the artist by the time the gig starts. The chat function is left open. This week they have Clap Your Hands Say Yeah who will be answering questions from the chat function between songs. It will be an acoustic guitar and piano set. What can he do to the terrific “The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth” on acoustic?

Saturday 14 November 7pm GMT

Undertow link ($25)

Def Pressé Label Profile

This is pretty much the only official line you can find online: “A Record Label run by people primarily concerned with music.” I like it but it does imply that there could be a secondary concern and what would that be? Due to the lack of content online I had to turn sleuth to find out more: 

  • London based but the Companies House address is in none other than Ashby De La Zouch – perhaps one of the best place names in the UK
  • Run by one man Matt Moat
  • Seven signed artists: Pan Amsterdam, Madison Washington, Corey King, Toni Sauna, Tensei, Nap Amsterclam, The Dead Can Rap

What we do know is that despite their underground nature, they are beginning to get traction and I’m sure it won’t be long until we find out who they are. Pan Amsterdam is causing a stir in the Jazz Rap scene being heavily featured in a few articles around the web. Meanwhile they have a regular release schedule including a recent track from November 11 by The Dead Can Rap that is beginning to pay dividends. Def Pressé means def in a hurry according to the reliable Google translate…

Standout artists: Pan Amsterdam

Spotify label page
YouTube label page
Bandcamp label page

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