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1) “Late Checkout” – Dent May

I listened to this while walking and it is perfect for one of those easy in the background albums to just put on and enjoy. Laidback, easy pop. For some reason, I used to think that albums like that were easier to make or less impressive than the artsy ones that require multiple listens. However, on reflection, I think that is the clever thing about albums like this, that they can just be put on and enjoyed from the get go. That’s a great thing that shouldn’t be belittled. 

Label: Carpark Records (2020)

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2) “HA Chu” – Pan Amsterdam

Slight giveaway here as I hyped up Pan Amsterdam considerably on Wednesday’s email. But this album won’t disappoint. Telling a story of him teaming up with his British collaborators and his thoughts on life. The ending will really shock you. Jazz of all things you would think would be free and loose and allow the best instrumentalists to thrive, however, Pan Amsterdam states this isn’t the case and instead it is just as corrupt as everything else. This is part of the reason he strayed away to make his own space in hip-hop. Anyway, an album that makes you think and leaves you fulfilled (although upset and disappointed that the world is a mess); an impressive piece of work that I will revisit.  

Label: Def Pressé (2020)

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1) Deadmau5

If you’ve missed club nights this will be the one for you. Stay up until 2:30am BST tonight/tomorrow morning and Deadmau5 will reward you with a livestream. He is promoting his new content creator first platform Audius. 

Songkick link (the gig will be performed on Twitch)

2) Billie Eilish

Following her standout year last year, Billie Eilish will be performing a livestream on Saturday 24 October at 11pm BST. It will set you back $30, but if you’re a fan of her music and have missed seeing her live this will probably be the show for you as unfortunately you may not see her live in person for a long time.

Link to livestream

3) This Is The Kit

To promote This Is The Kit’s new album “Off Off On”, Rough Trade will be holding a free livestream on their Instagram page tonight, Friday 23 October, at 6pm BST. An early start, but I’m sure it will be an enjoyable way to start your Friday night and I think insights on the album will be shared alongside the album (although I could be wrong!). One benefit to livestreams could be less pressure on the artists to perform to a crowd, resulting in a more intimate performance with explanations on the songs. Obviously not the same as the atmosphere of a great performance, but they should be using the advantages that livestream brings to create their own value as I’m sure they’ll still be here even when we do get to go and see artists live again. 

Rough Trade Instagram link

Gearbox Records label profile

In a cool part of London just North of Kings Cross, called Tileyard, you will find Gearbox Records. Since 2009, they have been a vinyl-led record label focussed on quality sound and output. Initially they focussed on archive releases of jazz legends such as Ronnie Scott. However, in the past few years they have been releasing interesting jazz material from the likes of Binker Golding, Binker and Moses and Abdullah Ibrahim. On top of this they have branched into electronic music and folk, recently releasing Bastien Keb’s interesting second album “The Killing of Eugene Peeps”. They are also home to the excellent team up of Binker Golding, Moses Boyd and Simon Ratcliffe (one half of Basement Jaxx) called Village of the Sun. So far they have had an excellent year in terms of releases in 2020, and I think the next few years could see them release even more.

Stand out artists: Bastien Keb, Village of the Sun

Spotify label page
YouTube channel
Bandcamp label page

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