Four Walls of Lockdown

15 songs, 55 min, 10 min reading time.

New music found and shared within the four walls of lockdown.

Author: Simon (Twitter)

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1) “Silver Lining” – Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy were recently introduced to me by a friend on our first walk together in a long time. I’ve since been addicted to them and this song in particular.

Album: “Mt. Joy” (2018)
Label: Dualtone Music Group

2) “Astrovan” – Mt. Joy

“Astrovan” was the song my friend played to introduce me to Mt. Joy. Lyrics are important to me and can make or break the song. The wacky story and sheer absurdity of Jesus driving an Astrovan hooked me in to this song, and the rest of the album.

Album: “Mt. Joy” (2018)
Label: Dualtone Music Group

3) “Live Well” – Palace

Palace. I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to find them but here we are. “Live Well” has been a great tune for me during lockdown, the mellow vibes and chilled message to Live Well may be something you all enjoy too.

Album: “So Long Forever” (2016)
Label: Fiction Records

4) “Heaven Up There” – Palace

My final double whammy of the Palace / Mt. Joy treasure trove. Although the lyrics are important for me (again), it is the relentless rhythm and chilled vibe that just mean after this song has finished playing you’re in a different head space.

Album: “Life After” (2019)
Label: Universal Music Operations

5) “Take Back The Track” – The Magic Gang

More upbeat than the Palace tracks, I have been listening to a lot of Magic Gang lately. This simple, upbeat tune is just that – simple and upbeat.

Single: “Take Back The Track” (2020)
Label: Warner Records UK

6) “Second, Minute or Hour” – Jack Peñate

Hauntingly relevant in the purgatory that is lockdown. One of the songs that was on my Deezer recomended (yes, Spotify does not have a monopoly on suggesting tracks). Of the many that were on the playlist, Jack Peñate stuck with me. I think it found me at the perfect time after a pretty hard break-up and helped me get over that final hump.

Album: “Matinée” (2007)
Label: XL

7) “Da Vinci Riot Police” – George Ezra

George Ezra’s “Wanted on Voyage” is an album I come back to every few months. This hidden gem has eluded me for the longest time but during my most recent listen it stuck out and I found myself playing it again and again. The bridge and its lyrics captivate me in particular.

Album: “Wanted on Voyage” (2014)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

8) “California Friends” – The Regrettes

A Youtube recommended, I finally caved and listened to most of The Regrettes popular songs. “California Friends” is a feel good pop-rock tune that I have no shame in adding to this playlist.

Single: “California Friends” (2018)
Label: Warner Records

9) “Buttercup” – Jack Stauber

Weird but genuine story. Ended up watching this Valorant montage (shamelessly pulled from reddit) and about a minute in this song played to one of the clips. Loved it.

Album: “Pop Food” (2017)
Label: Plopscotch Records

10) “Sanctuary” – Joji

Listened to Joji recently due to the big uproar from his Kpop fans for his old YouTube career. Didn’t really know him before but his music is quite good.

Single: “Sanctuary” (2019)
Label: 88rising Records/12Tone Music

11) “When the Night is Over” – Lord Huron

Finally we are out of the YouTube rabbit hole. Lord Huron always have some epic, sombre tunes and “When the Night is Over” is no exception.

Album: “Vide Noir” (2018)
Label: Whispering Pines Studios Inc

12) “The Key to Life on Earth” – Declan McKenna

Indie Rock, or whatever this is, seems to have a fast-track to my ears. I love singing along to the random lyrics and I look forward to what other music he creates.

Single: “The Key to Life on Earth” (2020)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

13) “Treat People With Kindness” – Harry Styles

“Fine Line” recently dropped and I found it a great album with some very good singles. The sheer positivity of this song ensures that it beats the others and makes its way on to the playlist. It’s small gems like this which mean even major albums can still be worth listening to if you enjoy the artist’s singles.

Album: “Fine Line” (2019)
Label: Erskine Records

14) “Don’t Mug Yourself” – The Streets

The story is class and despite the squashed words the song works. I found this quite a good workout song.

Album: “Original Pirate Material” (2002)
Label: 679 Recordings

15) “Don’t Forget It (Punk) – Demo” – The Snuts

I cannot wait to see The Snuts live and I thought “This is Tomorrow” in Newcastle would have been a perfect place to do so whilst also seeing a number of other acts I had been keen to see. Alas it was not to be but I’ll make sure next year I “Don’t Forget It”.

EP: “Mixtape EP” (2020)
Label: Parlophone Records