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13 songs, 1 hr 2 min, 7 min reading time.

This playlist is meant as an accompaniment to a 60’ Vinyasa flow based on the Ashtanga Primary Series you can do yourself. Traditionalists would definitely disapprove of alt-J during yoga, but I find the right music really boosts a practice! It requires some prior knowledge as I don’t explain every pose, but just give suggestions which you should alter to suit your needs. Remember to take a Child’s Pose whenever you want one!

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1) “Hard Sun” – Eddie Vedder

Once you have settled into your practice and gently warmed up your articulations, it’s important to raise your heart rate before getting into your favourite stretches. A good way to start would be a set of five Sun Salutations A. Add on some core exercises as desired.

Single: “Hard Sun” (2007)
Label: Monkey Wrench

2) “Nemesis” – Benjamin Clementine

To really spread agni throughout your body, follow those up with five Sun Salutations B.

Album: “At Least For Now” (2015)
Label: Behind

3) “Never Be Like You” – Flume, Kai

Now your muscles are ready to begin to be stretched out: begin with a couple of forward folds, first holding your toes with your two peace fingers, then standing on your palms up to the wrist crease.

Album: “Skin” (2016)
Label: Future Classic

4) “Every Other Freckle” – alt-J

Return to your Warrior I, then flow on your right side. One example could be: open up into your Warrior II, reverse the Warrior, find an Extended Side Angle Pose, straighten both legs into an Extended Triangle Pose, float your back leg up into your Half Moon Pose, return to a short-legged stance for your Reversed Triangle and Half Moon Poses. I like to space out the balancing poses because I feel that by resting the muscles of my ankle and calf, I get more out of them.

Album: “This Is All Yours” (2014)
Label: Infectious Music

5) “Habits Of My Heart” – Jaymes Young

Between the sides, try to hold a Dolphin Pose for ten breaths (maybe five each with one leg in the air) or find your Forearm Stand.

EP: “Habits Of My Heart EP” (2014)
Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

6) “Land of the Living” – Roo Panes

Repeat whatever sequence you chose on the left side without any expectation: one side might feel quite different from the other.

EP: “Land of the Living EP” (2013)
Label: CRC Music

7) “I Need My Girl” – The National

Come down into your Yoga Squat. Either work on your Crow Pose or, if you are comfortable there, you can try to transition from your Crow into your Tripod Headstand and back, shooting your legs out into your Vinyasa.

Album: “Trouble Will Find Me” (2013)
Label: 4AD

8) “Liability” – Lorde

Open up into your adductors with a few Wide-Legged Forward Bends. You can add a shoulder opener by joining your hands behind your back.

Album: “Melodrama” (2017)
Label: Universal Music

9) “I Forget Where We Were” – Ben Howard

Time to come down to the floor: try to do so by balancing on your palms and finding some air time with both legs straight out, still open at 90°. The good news is, even if you fall out of this spectacularly, gravity has a way of insuring that we all end up where we were aiming to go.

Album: “I Forget Where We Were” (2014)
Label: Island Records

10) “8 (circle)” – Bon Iver

Start in Paschimottanasana bending over both legs. Work into each hamstring separately in Janusirsasana and add on a spinal twist before changing sides.

Album: “22, A Million” (2016)
Label: Jagjaguwar

11) “Nothing Left” – Kygo, Will Heard

Sure up your abs with as many sets of Boat Pose as you can muster.

Single: “Nothing Left” (2015)
Label: Kygo

12 “Spirit Bird” – Xavier Rudd

Choose whatever closing sequence you need to get yourself ready for Shavasana. This could be a Bridge, full Wheel and another easy twist: medicine for the spine.

Album: “Spirit Bird” (2012)
Label: Salt.X Records

13) “Spiegel im Spiegel” – Arvo Pärt, Angèle Dubeau, La Pietà

I selected a long song to accompany the relaxation: if you’ve made it this far, you deserve it! Make a conscious effort to unclench every organ in your body, including your mind and thank yourself for finding time to come to your mat.

Album: “Arvo Pärt: Portrait” (2010)
Label: Analekta

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