Alfie’s Good Times Playlist

10 songs, 45 min, 5 min reading time.

Music is a constant source of joy for me. Readers might have heard all these songs before but I thought it might be fun to share some happy stories of happy nights when I’ve enjoyed them. I hope at least one of them can get you dancing.

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1) “Twist and Shout” – The Beatles

I was lost in Paris for about an hour trying to find a club. Finally, with directions from RunPip contributor Sam, I found it. After a few questionable French ‘classics’ this came on and the night was saved.

Album: “Please Please Me (Remastered)” (1963)
Label: Apple Corps

2) “Share The Fall” – Roni Size, Reprazent

The first drum and bass night I went to was Roni Size, touring for the 10th anniversary of New Forms (released the year I was born!). A pivotal album for drum and bass and a pivotal night for me.

Album: “New Forms” (1997)
Label: Mercury Records

3) “1 Thing” – Amerie

The look on RunPip contributor Jake’s face when this comes on at a party is always enough to make my night.

Album: “Touch” (2005)

4) “Steve Biko (Stir It Up)” – A Tribe Called Quest

An incredible track from an incredible album. Going home for Christmas means dancing with dad in the kitchen, and this never fails to get us both moving. Wait for the scratch break towards the end. Regular readers will find this song in his Christmas playlist for exactly the same reason.

Album: “Midnight Marauders” (1993)
Label: Zomba Recording

5) “Mandala (Malux Remix)” – Camo & Krooked

One of many big moments at Work Bar in Angel. The original is immediately recognisable, but I hadn’t heard this remix before Tremor (Cam) dropped it in a set. It dropped hard and I can still remember the bass faces on everyone there.

Album: “MOSAIK REMIXED” (2018)
Label: Camo & Krooked

6) “This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)” – The Isley Brothers

The St Moritz in Soho on a Friday night is hosted by Blow Up, a big club night with famous brit-pop origins from Camden in the 90s. A few of us went in first year and danced for hours to gems like this. I wore my smart dancing shoes and everything.

Album: “This Old Heart Of Mine” (1966)
Label: Motown Records

7) “Opal (Four Tet Remix)” – Bicep

Hearing them (Bicep) play this at Fabric was magical. The wait for the chords at 2:46 had everyone screaming. A really beautiful song that continues to inspire a full spectrum of emotions.

Single: “Opal (Four Tet Remix)” (2018)
Label: Ninja Tune

8) “Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield

A song best enjoyed with many friends that also don’t know the lyrics on the dancefloor of Electric Ballroom on a Saturday evening.

Album: “Unwritten” (2004)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment

9) “Get Down” – Busta Rhymes, Timbaland

This song commenced the 2019 new-years celebrations. Joe Goddard mixed it with something equally funky towards the start of his set at Phonox. The tunes and the people combined to make it one of the best moments of 2019.

Album: “The Big Bang” (2006)
Label: Aftermath Records

10) “Cocooned” – Bungle

This gets a mention because the excitement of hearing that intro emerge will stay with me for a long time. Such a simple track but it gets me every time.

EP: “Cocooned EP” (2017)
Label: ThirtyOne Recordings