Alfie’s Almost-A-Playlist


8 songs, 43 min, 5 min reading time.

A short one, I have more words than tunes these days.

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1) “All Alone” – Mal Waldron

On a winding Spotify path that started with Mobb Deep, I stumbled upon this. Absolutely mesmerising. I was struck by how this could easily be something from today’s composers; an interlude in a Sufjan Stevens album or an acoustic version of a bass-blurred James Blake track. But no, it turns out that loneliness sounded like this in 1966 as well.

Album: “All Alone” (1966)
Label: Universal Digital Enterprises

2) “In the New Year” – The Walkmen

A nice little cacophony of guitar pertinent to this time of year (a little belatedly). I love the drums, can’t think of many tunes where the hi-hat provides as much back-bone.

Album: “You & Me” (2008)
Label: Fat Possum Records

3) “Wish U Had Something” – Jonny L

A nice little toe-tapper. The kind of drum and bass you can nod your head to at work and people will still think you’re working. Five years after releasing this on XL, Jonny L was writing songs for S Club. Make of that what you will.

Album: “Sawtooth” (1997)
Label: XL Recordings

4) “Silk” – Wolf Alice

I’m late to the party with Wolf Alice, to my shame I hadn’t given this album any time until recently. I’m a big fan of tunes that make you wait for the juicy bits.

Album: “My Love Is Cool” (2015)
Label: Dirty Hit

5) “Calm Down” – III Most Wanted

I recently watched a great interview (below) of Fabio and Grooverider talking about their early days at Heaven and Rage in London. This tune was mentioned as one that they’d play at 45 rather than 33rpm to get a breakbeat that they could play over house tracks. Early drum and bass producers such as Goldie made their first tracks to mimic this sound. Cool stuff.

Album: “Hip Hop Fever” (2001)
Label: Fever Records

6) “Got You There” – Matrix and Futurebound

I’m a sucker for the poppy stuff that Matrix and Futurebound produce these days and this is no exception. Say what you want, but they know how to produce a track that makes the day a little brighter.

Single: “Got You There” (2019)
Label: Metro / Viper Recordings

7) “Harp of Gold” – Peter Nice Trio

This was the first release from Hospital Records back in 1996. I remember label head London Elektricity telling a story on the Hospital Podcast. They sent the single out with a slip for record shops to write feedback. Of the few that were returned, one had “We don’t sell gay jungle” scrawled on it. Little did they know, quite a few people actually quite like gay jungle.

Album: “Hospital Loungecore Classics” (2011)
Label: Hospital Records

8) “Circuits” – Klangkarussell

Hearing this back brought back a few memories. I first heard a Klangkarussell track (below) on a MrSuicideSheep mix in about 2012. In 2014 I got a CD of their album thinking it would have the track on but it was a different version. Not so good in my opinion. Anyway, 7 years on they’re releasing again and I like the progression of this.

Single: “Circuits” (2017)
Label: Klangkarussell